How to teach the children to be independent

All parents would love to raise children who were independently encouraged to do the right things and do them properly. We have eighteen years to try to instill self-confidence within them. Our childhood practices make me wonder what in the world we are thinking. Read the list of them below and then wonder how in the world some of them are of course, to some extent. It's farther than me …

Have you ever heard yourself or someone else say or do one of the following for your children?

  1. Eat your dinner and you can have dessert.
  2. Make your chores first and then you can go out to play.
  3. Earn your subscription card and I'll give you $ for who you get.
  4. Be good and we'll get some ice cream.
  5. Do what I ask and you can get candy.
  6. Clean your room and you can get a snack.
  7. I'll pay you if you help shave the leaves on the lawn.
  8. Wash the car and you can take it on your day tonight.
  9. Make the team and you can ______________.
  10. The main thing I want and I will be proud of you.
  11. Have or _________________.

What do all the above sentences have in common? That is correct. They provide any "motivation" that is outside of the child. None of them, and they are so common and easy to say, imparting a sense of inner desire to do well and that is what self-motivation is about. It has nothing to do with incentives that are offered outside or reward and punishment.

How did you do that? It is very difficult to encourage self-esteem in itself, but it can help the child build strong self-esteem and good self-esteem. Both of these exercises help to help the child develop self-motivation.

Another thing you can do to encourage children to do things when they know what to do. Ask them how they feel before you congratulate yourself. Let them make a sense of wanting to do things because they do not care about them because they are going to get some kind of prize for doing them.

Keep your love strong. Let the kids know that you love them and support them in the things they try to do. Encourage them to continue reaching and stretching their talents. As you do this, they will grow in self-motivation and independence.


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