HR Job Analysis with Job Title (JCM)

Workplace design can be achieved with both external (benefits) and internal factors. This article focuses on internal aspects by analyzing the working methods of the models (JCM), which is one of the factors in job design. First, we will discuss the relationship between JCM and motivation. Then a HR job will be analyzed according to JCM issues with recommendations on how to enrich the job.

The activity as an inspiration

The purpose of a job design is to create incentives in the workplace. Methods of work design, such as JCM, based on indirect impact on employees and # 39; interests. JCM, introduced by Hackman and Oldham, 1976 consists of five dimensions: skills diversity, project identity, task translation, independence and feedback. The level of each dimension can lead to any important psychological state. Psychological conditions will affect the level of personal work and performance that includes the level of internal work motivation.

Personnel Policy and JCM
HR job is identified below using the five core JCM dimension. Skill diversity is the extent to which the job requires a variety of activities with a variety of abilities. HR managers need to perform many functions: training, compensation, employee salaries and labor. That's why it's very high in talent diversity. Interpersonal and good listening skills are the most important for work relations and laser workers grievances. He or she also needs to have critical thinking to identify training needs.

The task is to what extent the job requires full and well-defined working hours to be met. HR jobs are high in projects, as it provides an opportunity to complete a diverse job as mentioned.

Project issues are the necessity to affect the lives or work of others. HR staff has a lot of work as it directly affects employees' working lives. HR managers need to encourage people to work and create a balance between work and life for the best results.

Independence is the freedom of the individual to organize his work and determine the working methods. Many HR managers continue at headquarters. and go seriously at the plant. Therefore, HR employees at the plant have a high degree of independence in organizing work and performing HR activities to achieve the company's HR strategy.

Feedback is the extent to which it is possible to work in a job that is required by the person's job description to get direct and clear performance performance information. Employees only respond to the HR department when they consider there is a problem because many of them relate to talking to HR. Some employees provide feedback with unacceptable behaviors that can demotivated HR officers to work.

Create more motivation by working

Therefore, HR seems to be high in all dimensions of JCM except responses. HR work itself can encourage HR managers quite well but not at a very high level as they can not often get any comments from the people they work for.

To improve the response, jobs need to be enriched by redesign work. The action to increase the response is to establish a business relationship (employees as customers in this case) and open the feedback room. The relationship with employees is very important. HR employees should let employees feel comfortable talking and they should be preventive to approach the employee to seek their tips. Employees will then acknowledge that HR employees are friendly. Therefore, they will be ready to provide feedback all the time. Problems can be solved sooner. In addition, various audit channels are necessary. Employees who are uncomfortable talking with HR can write their opinions and put in a recommendation box. Furthermore, employees should always be welcome questions to receive feedback after engaging in all HR activities.

JCM is an approach to work design aimed at encouraging employees. Its five dimensions influence important psychological conditions and can lead to motivation. In HR work, each level of dimension is not sufficiently high because employees often do not give feedback until problems arise. This could be improved by making employees comfortable talking and HR managers always need to approach them to get a feed back.


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