I believe in female education

If women truly truly believe what they know, they could make decisions based on truth and reality instead of accepting fear based on society.

If women chose a father for their child instead of husbands, they would introduce themselves to better men and they would make better decisions for their children.

If women were not so driven by day they would not scare all the good men away because they would not have to finish a person so they would be completely and completely attractive because they would be total individuals can be successful with or without people.

The woman who does not have to marry is always the woman with a wedding.

The woman who decides she's better without men always seems to find a tall man.

The woman who continues to appreciate her understanding of puberty (while allowing her to shine through it) is irresistible to humans.

If women tried to do what they know to be true, that would be true.

Women's strength is not about bullying, jaw, seductive or belittling men, and it's not about taking, needing, whining or nagging. Women's sexual orientation is to have self-awareness, understanding of results, sense of discipline, and understanding that women are fully qualified as mothers and bread workers wherever they have a husband or not.

The woman who can not live alone is not a powerhouse, she's desperate, she's sick.

Women's strength is only done by the woman who seeks a man to improve her life, nothing more.

Be selected.

Guy Blews


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