In search of happiness

There is wisdom in these words CP snow, "The quest for happiness is the most ridiculous sentence, if you are having joy you never find." Happiness is not running, it's always in you. However, the decision to be happy or to be sad or angry, yours and yours.

The idea of ​​seeking happiness may come from the thought that you can only be happy when you already have what you want. Most people tend to delay happiness until they have enough until they meet the right person until their children have completed university and all other excuses. They have forgotten that everyday is another day from the rest.

According to the article Congratulations, and why we do not use them, research has shown that people who live more satisfying lives are those who value what they have and grateful for even the smallest things. They forgive others, exercise positive thinking and invest time and energy with family and friends. The same article also mentioned Gregg Easterbrook, researcher and author of the Progress Treaty: How life feels better while people feel worse (Random House, 2004) pointing to Sigmund Freud's theory that people are unhappy because happiness takes on much more effort than being unhappy . After all, it is always considered that it is more unhappy than being happy.

It will be much easier to be happy if you see good things in life more than negative. As the song goes,

When my bank account has become small, I think about when I had nothing at all. Then I fall asleep and consider my blessings.

Happiness comes when you learn to appreciate what you have rather than complain about what you have not yet. Remember that with a law of attraction, you attract more of what you emphasize. The energy gratitude intensifies every moment that you are grateful for something and then it appears in reality as more things / blessings should be appreciated. Unfortunately for those who are always complaining, it works the same way too.

Life that is carefully created creates a change of how you spend every moment. Learn to take control of your responses to circumstances instead of following our responses. Sharon Warren pointed out that magnetizing your heart wishes that one can choose to be a REACTOR (someone who responds to circumstances) or CREATOR (someone who truly creates a situation). Incidentally, the word CREATOR is generated when the first 4 letters of the word REACTOR are reorganized. Instead of being angry with your nostrils, you can choose to forgive instead. It will not be easy, but with a constant exercise you will be able to do it. The key is to keep your consciousness at the moment and stop putting labels on people, things and circumstances.

Problems exist and it is difficult to respond positively to any situation we encounter. Sorrow, misery, anger, maybe negative feelings, but they have their own roles in our lives. It's not good to eliminate them because they serve as a wake up call that we are not doing what we bought to do with our lives. We do not live the way we want and as we expect to live. Happiness does not open the way for improvement, but problems and research do. If you fail to improve or learn the lesson that leads to each problem, you will need to go through it again.

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