Inspiration after listening

Listening ability is a very powerful motivation factor.

Hardly everyone is really good at listening, more interested in what they will say next. When you think about how many people you meet who can remember your name or what you said, you find it very poor. It generally seems to be a norm, so when you meet people you think are good listeners, your feelings towards these particular people are usually more positive.

By that I mean you would probably put more trust and trust in them. So because most people find it very difficult to listen, we are surprised by someone who listens and we tend to provide them with more capabilities than they may own.

This is a secret incentive by listening. If we can learn to listen well, the people we listen to will be enthusiastic and inspired with our attention.

Most dealers consider themselves to be good advocates instead of listeners. You hear people say, "He's born a salesman, he's got a gift." Many believe that the speaker has power and that the listener is mild or poor. In fact, you will find that the good listener has much more power in any conversation. The listener is able to gather more information than the speaker and armed with information can then produce what is needed.

When two are talking, the person who really dominates the conversation is the one who asks questions and carefully listens the answers. When we want to encourage someone to do their best in their work or follow our policies, we will do better by listening to their response to the situation.

Therefore, the salesman's actual job is to listen carefully to his customers and understand their needs and concerns. While they may ask you some questions first, the success of dealers will agree with this.

What steps should you follow to create motivation by listening?

1. Repeat or repeat so that you can clarify information

2. Provide useful information instead.

3. Listen to the emotions. Selling separately is often based on emotional factors more as objective facts.

4. Have people in the eye and do some offensive moves or tones to encourage the speaker.

5. Be careful not to distract speakers – give them full attention while they are talking.

6. Show that the discussion is important to you too.

Listening is a necessary ability to create and maintain relationships. Once you are recognized as a good listener, people believe in you and trust you. As a manager of people or as a sales representative, this is the way to succeed.


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