Intrinsic Motivation in the classroom

There is as much controversy about the impact of classroom inclusion, as the diversity of students today is. However, there is no doubt that internal motivation can help determine the future path of students and has the most encouraging effect of reaching those students.

The definition of internal focus here is the motivation of an individual's classroom to engage in activities that really enhance the term itself. Simply put, you will do something just because it's fun and interesting for them to do it, and for any other purpose. There are certain factors that encourage internal motivation, including challenge, curiosity, control, imagination, competition, collaboration and recognition.

Learning, for example, should be really rewarding. However, it is thought that it is usually not for students, which makes it one of the most common failures in the education process. Learning can be, and often, extrinsically rewarding; which means to succeed in getting a better score or not being punished for not learning. Students who personally focus on their own advancement in education can create information and be more interested in taking this information in the next step; shows benefits for motivation in the classroom.

In the simplest terms, internal motivation in the classroom is what students want to do to achieve without any kind of external conviction. For many years, scientists and psychologists have been studying this type of motivation. A number of theories of different scientists have decided that students are more likely to focus on their own initiative if the following conditions exist:

1) The student can directly associate learning outcomes with the tasks they have invested in it.
2) The student believes that they are the reasons they were successful and not just luck.
3) The student is really interested in learning and perfecting the project.

The long-term effect of creating an inner focus in the classroom goes a long way in the student's life. For example, entrepreneurs are impressed by an applicant who is interested in the job we are pursuing, is to increase knowledge and opportunity to train (for their own benefit) than those who are interested in extrinsic payments. Even personal relationships carry this feature; Those interested in relationship because they seek mutual happiness rather than just what they want from the company will probably have much more success in their relationship.

Encourage the development of inner focus in the classroom can enhance feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence among students. These are valuable assets that students should carry through life, which applies in most cases. They are also clicks that describe the successful and highly successful individuals.


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