Leader # 1 – Create your personal values ​​as a leader

This is the first ten episode of being a good leader. Over the years, we have read and learned a lot about being a good leader. More importantly, we have actually experienced suffering under bad leaders and flourished by good leaders. All of this will either make you look for revenge or promise to become a better leader.

Most people think they are automatically leaders because they have been appointed as a leader. Executive Director introduced in that position because of good work, good connections or good, must now lead a new group of people. From being "single time" to being a boss. How often has this event been played in an office by the office.

"I, sir. You, staff."

Contrary to common beliefs, not all executives are hated on the first working day. Haturin usually comes the other day. Okay, it was a joke. Nevertheless, a leader is usually given the opportunity to prove himself. How it is done is a new "leader".

At this point, let's explain – you will not be a leader after the appointment. You need to win the team's respect and you need to take up your role within that group. Yes, leaders have a role.

Some people think that the leader simply puts and orders. Offer, fortunately, is only part of the role of leaders. The leader must show a lot of symptoms to be an effective leader.

One of the first things that a leader should do is to somehow describe your personal values ​​as a leader. This may seem trivial or even irrelevant. However, this is important for a very simple, fundamental reason – we work with people. Human beings are not cold, sensible machines. We are people with feelings, likes, and dislike prejudices and many other things.

Looking at our new leader "Wannabe", we see another man. We wonder, "What is he?"; "What does he like?"

Explain your personal values. This can be done as simply as calling all, give a short, short speech. Issues. This is not an ego trip. This is an important part of your initial relationship with your team members. Do not give "Your Minions! Listen to Me!" speech. Instead, give a brief introduction to yourself, who you are, where you came from and so on. It does not have to be long. Just enough to show that you are enough human to communicate with them. There is no chance to regal them with your new ones. It's time to say "Thanks, team. Hope we can work together well."

Tell them what you appreciate most. Integrity? Reliability? Creative? Show something of yourself to them. Do not aim, but share things with you. Let them know where you are from.

In the next installation, we will examine how we can take the next step as a leader. Taking your word.


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