Leader – 5 reasons why you could be a lack of creativity

The core competence of successful leaders is creation. After all, creativity is what solves potential opportunities and establishes the organization to succeed. While most people understand this, creativity, especially in difficult times, could be lost well. So what are 5 main reasons why creativity could be lost?

Reason 1: Fear

Time is strong. You could be under extreme pressure with all the things about credit financing and poorly executable agencies. In this situation, it is easy to get paralyzed and stuck where you are. Always take time to remind you that if you do something else, nothing is changing. It's also worth knowing that if things are going as clearly as you think you've lost by taking action.

Reason 2: Security in numbers

Stitching neck out or bucking trend is strong in the best time. But those who are willing to be bold and take a chance despite what is happening in the wider economy is likely to be a winner in the long run. No truly successful leader came to that position by following the package.

Reason 3: Firefighting

You may have heard the term "It never rains but it caves." In other words, when things are bad, you appear to be on an endless spiral. In this situation, it is too easy to fall into the trap of jumping from one problem to the next without taking time to stand back and think. All your time and energy are utilized when you put out little cooking or with little problems. In this mode of action it is impossible to be creative.

Reason 4: Stress or Fatigue

When under high pressure, it's easy to get stressed or simply tired. When this happens, take the time to recharge your batteries if you're going to get back to creative mode.

Reason 5: Complacency

If things are going well and your organization is doing well, it's easy to fall in confidence. If this happens, you will stop looking for ways to improve and under these circumstances you can easily leave or take the race.

Bottom Line – Creation is essential for success as a leader. So what do you need to do to tap into your creativity?


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