Leader and initiative are synonymous

Introduction is defined by Dictionary.com as an "introduction or step, leading action: to take the initiative to make friends." "I define it as" ability to take the necessary actions on their own you get the job. "I believe that initiatives are one of the true factors that break people apart. It's not about whether you have an initiative or not, everyone can, it's whether you use it or not. That's what sets performers apart from non-performers.

Initiative is a strong word that all employees want in assessing their success. Many put it on the phone as an ordinary adjective. Unfortunately, their good part does not even know what it means to take initiative. It's not just about taking the first step; It's about taking the first step into something productive that has meaning. Jonathan Winters had a personal initiative nailed when he said, "If your ship does not come in, sing it out!"

You must be ready to take the first step and have the stamina to follow your initiative through to its conclusion. Dictionary.com lists, as synonyms, initiated by leadership . It should not be surprising that leadership and initiative are similar. A good leader knows the meaning of initiative, has an initiative and has the ability to perform his full enterprise. Take your time today and use the initiative to get something positive for your organization or career. Being described as an individual with an "initiative" is a great addition, but a supplement that has to be earned.


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