Leader – Importance of continuing to focus on the present but always looking for the future

"My interest in the future is because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there"
Charles Kettering

All the actions you take need to be based on the need not only to create an effective management relationship, but also to to maintain it.

Thus, you need to take into account each other:

o Short Term . What will be the effect of these consequences? How will people respond? How will it affect the growing vision people have of me as managing director? And will it do the job, get what you need to do and get it done effectively?

o Long-term . Is this an unpleasant example? Is this an approximation that makes sense for a long time? Even if this causes upset now, will her logic be clear later or will it be immediately forgotten?

While urgent issues are a priority, priority, always have a long time in mind .

Multiple Goals :

Your job is to get it done – to accomplish your goals. Make it your requirement that you work and keep the kindness and support of the team. Prevent considerations:

o Efficiency of your actions / decisions. Will they achieve the job that needs to be done?

o How to look at your actions / decisions. How will other people respond?

Sometimes the answer is positive. People accept the decision and thank you for the line you've taken. In this case you may want to maximize this effect. Sometimes you may find that the answer is negative, but you may need to:

o Review and select another way forward

o Explain an action, but explain why a particular approach is necessary.

o Compensation for negative feedback. Perhaps you need to do something: you explain it but know that it will still be considered, so you'll find an opportunity to balance one way and make it clear that it was unique.

Nothing Eternity : [19659004] The environment where you work is undoubtedly powerful. Change is the order of the day. We can not know exactly what's coming but you can be sure that the change will continue while your career is taking place and that the change will increase. Never forget this and help – and expect – your people to acknowledge it too.

As Managing Director, you are the actual agent for change. You must:

o Regularly review all (including procedures, systems, and policies) to see what needs to be changed

o Join your team in this position, both in defining areas for change and to introduce ideas on how to change

o Always stay open and create open culture among your group

Challenge of Quo Status – Ask Why? – and actively motivating change, is a key element of your mandate. Continue; managing today with yesterday's methodology will never hold your team

Credibility Maintaining :

o If you work as a good manager, people believe you are a good manager. Many things that have already been mentioned affect here. In addition, keep in mind that:

o You are not judged by how often you fail, but with your success: Look at the ratio

o You are more likely to be successful by landing your neck but by always playing it safely (considering care and caring is necessary).

o If you acknowledge the mistake, people will see that you are human and will help you avoid repeating them (and help them avoid making similar mistakes)

o You should never cut out of options until it's inevitable. You may want to choose later

o You must work in a manner that creates a person who motivates respect and self-confidence:

Building Success :

Continuing Your Performance and your business involves business activity:

o Understanding key issues that can create success

] o Fine tuning and building experience How things are done To improve what you do next

o To be aware of how you do things like you do

o Monitoring the results that are arsing from what you do

o Organize and act accordingly

] Never rest on your laurel: Even the best performance can be improved

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