Leaders – Born or Teached?

Commonly in conversation with management management, content emerges, leaders are created or are leaders, simple, clean and simply natural leaders. In an interview with Carlos Santana's great guitarist, the question about; Is a great guitarist taught or are they naturally great? I mean, how do you teach how to play a guitar like Jimmy Hendrix played a guitar or Carlos Santana?

Well, after talking about some basic guitar strings and how to get some sound from them, Santana came to the conclusion that one has to have "God given talent". Now I say so. Hendrix and Santana are and were leaders in their chosen career in playing outstanding music and we probably bought to show confidence in Santana's view of performing talent associated with natural talent towards talented talent.

The same event applies to management. If we say that a leader can be taught in the classroom, would it be fair to say that we can teach karisma in the classroom? Can we agree that charisma varies in leadership that is necessary to lead? If Charisma can be taught as part of the curriculum to pass a leadership test, how do we teach a naturally-born interior that is kind of charismatic, so that this person will be better off as a leader. In my opinion, charismatic leadership can be taught but with certain limitations and certain expectations with certain expected results.

Many prime ministers have a point of view that leadership is both God given talent and teaching. From my years of management experience, I have seen leaders and managers who manage people to have the ability to lead; a representative of a natural talented leader and teacher leader. And I must say in all fairness; It definitely helps to have some natural ability to go with a pedagogically taught variable. However, the leadership comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, circumstances and occasions; Let us keep in mind that leadership leads to many unpredictable situations that were often taught or traditional ability rather than emotional response to circumstances.

For example, consider the hero nurse who, under the enemy of fuel, decides to throw herself to save men around him. Without thinking about circumstances, the chairman takes a self-governing leadership role. This group was not taught to jump on a grenade or he was naturally born to throw on grenades, but rather emotional leadership took over. The situation during the battle is what I call improper leadership or leadership in crisis. The situation when someone walks on the disk and takes charge of thinking about someone who taught him or her but rather a response to summits to get it done and get it done quickly.

There are some essential elements needed to lead as one can not simply lead by saying one day I will be a leader. No, if you do not have any basic profound roots of leadership desire; along with skills; hell will freeze first before this person will always be a leader. As someone once said you can not make chicken salad from baloney you need chicken. The same applies to leadership development that one must have internal and external patience to lead.

What many flaws are realizing is that personal development is perhaps the most important factor in leadership development. Personal development: Educational, social, cultural, economic and psychological are all factors that need to lead and if you do not have the personal chart in succession, leadership will be almost impossible.

Yes, I understand that leadership is not for everyone, but anyone cast in a particular position or who wants to participate in a particular project or reason has the right to fight and possibly be a leader. If a person is ready to be a spokesman, sweat and lay his head on the line, then that person has acquired the right to lead. Do not forget that as long as we've been led and we've been watching and we've been part of learning conditions, hopefully, there are basic leaders on the road. And guess what, this person can not be natural God gave a talented leader or even a teacher leader but one that will lead through the desire to do the right thing in our world.


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