Leadership – 4 common mistakes of new leaders

You've just learned that you've secured your first lead role. After the startup time, reality often sets you up and you realize how difficult it is. So what kind of mistake do you need to be alert as a new leader?

Mistake 1: Stuck in Detail

In some jobs like a doctor, you will still be a member of service for outstanding services as a clinical leader. In most cases when you move up the hierarchy, you get farther away from everyday stuff. When you're in the lead role, you need to be ready to let go of detail. If you do not, you will be very at risk of delivering potential results.

Mistake 2: Micro Control Everything

One of the key ratios between management and leadership is the focus. Managers are the people who perform day by day. They take the methods, translate into action and deliver results. They are in many ways the bridge between the direction and the results. Leader, on the other hand, should focus on successful long-term organizations. If you get stuck in continuing to control everything that's happening, you'll never contribute to long-term organizational success. Let people know the results you want and strengthen them to deliver.

Mistake 3: To Be Too Idle

When you become a leader, you need to build a relationship with the leadership team and promote a larger corporate group. Sometimes there are people from a professional or practical discipline of passive and are wary of it when they are not professionals. Remember, it's ok to ask what you might think of the stupid questions that open the opportunity.

Bottom Line – Making the step in your first lead role is probably the biggest career you have to do. Take the time to consider those things that could prevent you from performing and committing yourself to take action to reduce the impact.


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