Leadership – Encourage the team to achieve goals

Business is a leader of encouraging followers to achieve teams or organizations. You could be a group manager or manager in business and you might have built on the respect of the team. The next challenge is to get them focused in the right direction, the strategy that will achieve their organizational goals.

How does the Team Leader team do this – to see the goals and willingness to get there? How does the leader encourage the team? The ability to inspire is the key leadership that can be practiced and learned. There are two important keys to work on providing a blowing leadership – selling the vision and convincing the team that this is worth doing.

People want to know where they are going and why they should have trouble going there – what's in them for them. A poor leader will describe goals and goals – figures this week, numbers this month. A powerful leader can get higher numbers and more committed followers by selling a positive exit in a manner that encourages.

Step 1 is to paint a positive image of what exactly is the goal. The goal must be positive – rather than negative or what we should avoid doing. The art of always using a positive language rather than negative is necessary for leadership. For example, we tell a team mate what to do or pray for them correctly – we do not tell them what to do. The reason is simple, it does not work! If the server puts a hot plate down for you and says – & # 39; Do not touch that disk, it's very hot and what will we do? Yes, we touch it!

When we sell the goal, paint the picture of the positive departure – where we go rather than not go. & # 39; I want our greatest success in the company & # 39; – rather than & # 39; We can not be in the middle of the league this year & # 39;.

Paint a very clear picture of the final goal – the follower can see it and clearly see it. Make it very attractive and appropriate for the desired group. & # 39; We will cover so much that every new rental will come on this team.

Step 2 is having a plan. How are we going to get there? You do not have to have all the plans – but you need Level 1 and Step 2 – and both of these must make sense to the team. Define quick work – ideally formed by the group itself and introduce them as the first steps.

Step 3 is selling it to convince them that it's worth doing and getting their purchases. The language we use in successful leadership is actually selling & # 39; language – all positive language and very relevant to your team members. We talk about & nbsp; benefits & # 39; of the end list and & nbsp; benefits & # 39; of effort. Prepare first a list of benefits, then select 2-3 for each heading, and then you are working on how you can put them in a way that will be successful in your team.

When you define benefits, reach 5 territories –

1. The company – what is the company useful for achieving this goal? What's in them for them?
2. Customer – What are the benefits of the customer?
3. Team – if we achieve this goal, how will the team benefit from it?
4. Leader / Managing Director – How will I benefit if the team reaches this goal?
5. The teamman – what is this for this team member / team member?

Paint the image of the goal first – what it is. Next comes compensation, in the order as above. Then bottom line success vision and & # 39; can do & # 39; factor.

Practice and sell it well – you will definitely be in a position to provide effective leadership and motivate your team.


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