Leadership – Fifth

True "listening" is a definite characteristic of all leaders. We are not talking about hearing what others need to say, it is given. Listening understands hearing on the ground, even beyond what the speaker is sometimes aware of himself.

The new leaders in the daily paradigm listen to their hearts and their heads. They really "fix" on the essence of what's happening, behind the scenes you could say. All of us often say things that "mask" the hidden meaning, sometimes intentionally, though usually not so. There are many applications that benefit from the surface of our conversation and our consciousness. Without our intentional and conscious work on ourselves at a deep inner level, we will miss these hidden programs that interfere with our daily lives and affect the thoughts we have.

These plans include many small "shrines" that can damage us in our dreams and encourage us to add addiction such as food, sex, alcohol, drugs, controls and other more mixed disorders. Those who truly listen can "record" the signs that are hidden under the conversation and body language and "review" them so that the guidance or example they offer leads to the release of these blocks.

Obviously, this feature goes hand in hand with its ability to be sensitive, characteristic of the leaders we discussed in another article. The adaptation process requires a delicate heart to "hear" the undisputed language of a subconscious store that never forgive others because of the persecution of neutral programs.

To become a good leader & # 39; We only need to confirm each day we stay more often. It will create an opening to listen. Once we've taken it, which should not take more than twenty-one days – the time needed to create a new habit, the invalid opens behind the natural flow of actually listening to what others say.

Excerpts from John and Ananda's book: "I know the secret"


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