Leadership – Handling of difficult circumstances – Importance of preparation

As a leader, you are dealing with many challenges.

Regularly, this challenge will be covered by the category that can best be described as difficult. For example, you might be a leading department, department or even non-existent organizations. Some form of rotation is necessary to achieve better results.

When faced with difficult situations, it's very tempting to jump in action and start doing things. The trouble is that if you run directly into action, the chances are that rather than doing the situation better you could really make the situation worse.

On the other hand, you can do a lot better and go for some time during the preparation.

When we prepare our preparations very well, we do some things:

Get in trouble

How often have you seen problems with a quick fix solution that just creates more problems? To be clear about the challenge is the key to solving it.

Find out what you want to achieve

It's great to know where you are now and you must be clear about your starting point. However, it is important that you get clear what you want to achieve too. Use our example of turnaround in performance, what do you want when the turnaround is complete?

Really Consider the Options

Anyone can grab what is commonly known as low-hanging fruit. However, you do not want to fall into the trap by believing that the low hanging fruit is the only option or option. Make time in your preparation to explore all the options is the key to getting the best possible potential.

Acceptance in the short term fitting rarely in the long run

You must do something, especially in times of crisis, but in itself it is not the long-term answer. For example, if you are facing a financial crisis, in the short term, you need to do things that get you through the first problem. The solution in the long run, however, is different.

The Bottom Line

While you want results as a leader, never underestimate the importance of preparing to succeed and succeed for a long time.


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