Leadership is coming back to age and return to each individual

Guidance development can be read in any business, educational or professional organization diary. Leadership continues to be a popular topic. However, with thousands of articles, hundreds of books, the question for me is "why?"

Why are we still not developing leaders necessary for the 21st century with all this information? Perhaps, because the emphasis is on the skills (knowledge and skills) and not to acknowledge that each individual brings certain key strengths such as life. When a talented model is presented as a guideline, this approach sees resources of strengths within each individual and can develop into incredible leadership skills.

Correctional skills are not just references to the Commission or senior executives, but should be returned through the organization and the positive development of all stakeholders.

So what is the definition of leadership? Peter Drucker has said that "leadership is all about success." Drucker definition is only part of what the leader means. With success, progress is achieved and those involved believe their efforts were justified.

Leading without securing either business performance or personal results is like walking the same way over and over again. This can be an easy way to travel, but greatly reduces unbelievable possibilities within all individuals and reduces overall business performance. This approach also strengthens fear of responsibility. By not expressing the desired results clearly and communicated, any responsibility denies and damages the victims of mentality by pointing their fingers to other shareholders.

Another part of leadership, missing from Drucker's definition, is always to show core values ​​when they succeed. If this unmanaged behavior is not taken into account within the overall explanation of leadership, culture is contrary to what is desired.

The media today have the ability to immediately send out the unethical behavior of corporate CEOs to elected officials. These individuals, in many cases, are viewed as leaders within the communities because they were able to ensure significant results. But because they sacrificed their value or in some cases there were no core values ​​available, these individuals are certainly not leaders necessary to take a school company, institution, state or country until the 21st century.

Also begins the lead with the individual. Leadership is about individuals who succeed. Drucker and others & # 39; Definitions may mean that leadership begins within each individual, but the leadership definition should clearly indicate origin of leadership.

Finally, leadership is sure to achieve the desired results. The use of the word showed evidence that there was some planning, strategy and talent involved. The result is not possible, intentionally or unhappy, but with careful and thoughtful coverage.

If we take the definition of leadership as individuals who constantly deliver the results we perform while performing positive core values, our faith in leadership can change. No longer confuses management leadership, leadership is only for managers, or leadership leadership is different than leadership for those within the organization. Nor will we receive any results, but results that can be directly linked to certain methods and methods. Now we can start to look at the strength of individual individuals and how those strengths can be further developed and committed to creating a winner for all.

The next question is how do we use each person's strengths to help them become better leaders who can continuously succeed without sacrificing positive and important fundamentals? It is a very good question and the answer can be much simpler than many people realize.

In what organization managers need to shape the leadership behavior that they expect from each other and everyone else. Disconnection between "Do as I Say and Not Like I Do" calls even more wrong today than 40 years ago. Today the workforce can see disconnection and more important will challenge the same problems. Their challenges can be direct, but are usually passive through many of their failures, including "jumpers".

Leadership is forever and more and more individuals recognize that leadership requires common definitions as well as overall integration within the organization. If this transformation is not taken, a ruddyless ship that travels for thousands of miles in a continuous circle must be created while eliminating the individual capabilities of each crew member.


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