Leadership Qualities – Leadership with Examples

Among the numerous leader qualities that are desirable in leadership is the lead by example.

I believe that sometimes in our lives we can come across two leaders who share the same intent and claim to enforce a certain standard. First, do this with the Imperial Edict style, publicly announce that everyone will ultimately have to meet the above standard. All right and good, but soon everyone was sad when they discovered that a leader ignored his own words and undermine its own rules, which not only creates frustration for the leader for his dual standards but also endangers the status being enforced. Consider other leaders. Rather than reporting standards that he maintains, he chooses to do it quietly and begin to do what he hopes the team will follow. Over time, his actions did not go unnoticed, and one at a time the team members began to follow the case. Such is the power of leadership by example.

Too often, many leaders perceive themselves as above their "laws" and ignore common standards and rules that provide for the implementation of tasks and daily work. They consider that leaders should I get the privilege of breaking a few rules, getting some exceptions and crossing a few lines. Their arguments that they are responsible and mature enough to earn those rights are certainly fair, at least in most cases. Obviously, while they can do so as long as they act responsibly, such attitudes can not always be welcomed by their subordinates and rightly so. Doing what we hope others do, show that we love and understand the pain involved, respect the work of others and set the standard for work. Leader by example, or practicing what we preach, is then an invaluable leader of quality.

Leader by example is perhaps among the major tools of the transformation leader. In pursuit of encouraging their team, leadership by example is indispensable. By showing the group what to do rather than telling them, members immediately acknowledge how the project should be and what standard should be set. If the task is done, getting hands dirty, resulting from an example shows that the leader understands the difficulties involved and is still ready to do what it takes to accomplish it. This not only shows that it is important to get the project done, enabling the leader to get an immediate report to the team, as they realize that the leader does not consider the task that benefits him.

This does not mean that a business leader does not have to lead an example. Indeed, it is equally important, if not more, for the head of business to lead by example. Imagine how you would suffer if you were severely punished because fail to follow certain standards but your boss can do as he pleases and you will understand why is this so.

If used appropriately, preceded leadership can follow a team to reach high heights, but if misused, poor leadership will lead to immediate killing of the ethnic group and being responsible for the team.


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