Leadership & Teamwork

Strong, positive group work is defined by leaders who have a vision and ability to encourage their team to work on the implementation of that vision.

The leader is not threatened with at least his or her expertise and diversity. Rather, a good team member will discuss with his colleagues what quality looks like, what is needed to complete and complete the work and strengthen the team members to strive to improve quality.

Allow to break all this down to its part. The first is clearly a leader. I believe all teams will be leading. There must be someone in charge and making perfect decisions.

Team members can be a leader as long as everyone is clear who the leader is every day. Another variant of that theme is to have certain people be the leader of projects that are in the field of expertise. But in any case, it can not be a question among team members who are the leader of the day or the project.

The leader needs a vision. This is similar to Covey's second habit, "Begin with the end." A true leader creates the end twice – once mentally and then in real form. It is impossible to make a fiery sight. People simply are not fond of uncertainty.

Having the view is not enough to encourage a team to strive to achieve the same goal. A good team manager knows how to help each team member see how the end or service will be useful and what exactly their individual contribution is in that direction.

How does a fan contribute to fans & # 39; pleasure in a professional baseball game? By providing a clean, tidy bathroom experience — that's how. If a supervisor sees himself as a critical wheel in the big picture, and he receives positive recognition for it, it is more likely to do his job with interest.

Another factor in encouraging people's team is to define clearly defined projects that all contribute to development, but if not, at least team members can agree with a previously-known team project.

This will be important during a conflict. When there is a dispute that needs to be resolved, it's good to have a proven way to measure the solution. Solutions are always kept up for the project and whether it will move the team closer to or beyond the final goal.

The option of having a team that all team members have approved is that they can strengthen cooperation. One of the toughest things that can be managed on a team is a unique self. It can be a bit of envy and a competitive spirit that can kill the best team's cooperation. The delegation is a way to minimize this possibility for disaster.

The project is in focus that everything else is compared to. A person's action is either useful or painful to the project and discussed accordingly. The goal of the group must always be above each individual's wishes or attributes. Envy and backstones do not have a useful place on the team.

A good leader has no influence on the expertise and diversity of his group. The best leaders are always looking for information from frontline people who are doing real work. Without information from team members, leaders of hands are tied behind him.

It is also important to use team members in their field. Leaders can not know everything about everything. There will be team members who have the talents and abilities that cross those leaders in certain areas. A good leader will ask for help when it makes sense.

This is also a time to evaluate diversity. Having a team consisting of people who all do the same jobs in almost the same way really has no value. One person could easily do the job but put together a homogeneous team.

The value of the team comes from his inconsistency. Receiving feedback and tips from people who do things differently is what will kick the creativity and genius of the team. This is what mastermind is about. Tap into existing wealth.

Finally, a good leader behaves well. He or she does not ask his team to be average or medium. Medium and medium is easy to replace. The leader asks his team to jointly do their best and when they are ready, the leader asks to always seek continuous improvement. The work is never done. The team should always assess what has been established and be happy to make suggestions for ways to make it even better.

I mentioned before that a good leader strengthens his team. Create needs that meet the needs. Members must notice and know that the leader and the club have their own interests in their hearts. They must feel important, listen and respect. They must have the freedom to make decisions in connection with their projects and they must have fun in their work.

It's also important for team members to be safe. This means they are not afraid in any way. Team manager is important in promoting this environment to strengthen the entire team.


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