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Show the army ants, many of them who eat food and jump the food on a big mountain. These ants perform their tasks in a homogeneity and order. Leadership is responsible for delivering the products to maintain the survival of Myanmar.
In humans, imagine a captain of a unit assigned to foreigners, responsible for his soldiers and # 39; safety, operate an effective control center, defend their country and act as disposed dignified commander.

"Success in Business, Success in Business, and Success in Life has been, is now

and will continue to work well how well people work and play together (Kouzes & Posner, 2002, p. 21). "

Two selected images represented real-time state," The Life of a Bug "and real-time state" few good men ". Each film showed leadership style that promotes its environment and style of communication that showed its strengths and weaknesses. Both films showed leadership deportation, revelation of power in numbers and performance and failure of leadership in action.

Ants analysis of ants

The main character in this film was the ancestor Flik. Flik was here mooring that had creative imagination. His role led challenges to the leadership team and forced them to decide to send him away to find answers to their problems in dealing with the locusts. At the beginning of the film, the moorers gather food and marks the food into a mountain. This assembly of food serves two purposes:

  • First, to feed the sword of rebel, led by their "Hopper" leaders, and
  • Second, to ensure the survival of the virginity.

The story is about the colony of newborns who seasonally collect food for themselves and a wild gang of radical grashoppes. When Fumla Flic (David Foley) destroys food production, threatening the Grasshoppers, which lead to Kevin Spacey, threatens to kill myrins if they do not produce new foods when they return, impossible feat. Flik will depend on the search for help in the form of larger defects to fight war crimes. What he does not know is that he has actually discovered a group of unlucky traveling circus insects who need work. When the ancestors realize that their heroes are actually circus performers (and the circus bugs realize that these grasshoppers are very big and bad) the situation goes from bad to worse. Finally, the marshmallows use their numbers to overcome the grasshoppers. (Gore, 1998, http://www.allmovie.com ).

Yukl leadership definition basically defined the process of demonstrating leadership in the "Bug of Life".

Leadership is influencing others to understand and agree on what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently and to facilitate individual and shared efforts to achieve common goals (page 7).

Leadership was common in all parts of the film. The "Queen Ant" and "Princess" were female leaders born in their natural project in the power that they were reproducers of the colony. They perform their tasks with the best integrity with regard to the safety and well-being of the colony. Because of this demand, it reflects its leadership skills: "… consensus building, inclusive and human interaction, being ready to develop and support subordinates and sharing power and information with the colony (Carr-Ruffino, 1993; Grant, 1988; (Hegelsen, 1990, Rosener, 1990) (Yukl, pp. 412) The figure showed how each ants were committed to living in the darkness and demonstrated joint leadership leadership. The goal of leaders was to organize and protect the colony and to make a living if necessary

New command I give to you: Love each other. As I have loved you, you must love each other. You are my disciples if you love each other (John 13:34, NIV)

Although it was a hierarchical type of leadership, the film moved to employees who were part of a "network" that reflected Paradigm Shift presented in Benus and Nanus b also written by Chronicler Jo Hn Naisbitt (1997, p. 13).

Communication in the Colony

When Flik was sent away to seek help, he heard the colony refresh his departure. The colony was communicating complimented by "yes he's going" but Flik thought they were in agreement with the confession "yes, he's finding help." Communication was the main thing in this picture. It was:

  • Misunderstanding – When the colonel sent Flik away for help, they did not send the actual reason for being sent away.
  • Non-communication – When Flik attacked a circus bug, he did not communicate with the real purpose of going to the colony.

Body shape was common in the film and reflects strong feelings about the

The face is a language of emotion. Different parts of it are used to show different emotions. Fear is usually sought in the eyes, like sadness. Happiness is seen in cheeks and mouth and eyes. Survival is found on the forehead, eyes and mouth (Latiolais-Hargrave, 1999, p. 39).

Communication was a powerful device within the colony that expresses feelings, surprises, anger and fraud. The biggest reversal in the film occurred when the prince sent to the colony to assemble and merge for the purpose of saving what generations of mothers have thought. When the princess realized the colony was more powerful in number and unity, they could conquer the grasshoppers and stop their harassment. The model of communication that this film followed was superior and insignificant relationships: appearance, gesture and movement, face and eyes, musical, space, touch, environment, smell and time. This is reflected in the definitions of higher status and the relation to the lower state of affiliation (Goldhaber, 1993, p. 197).

Identify Some Good Men

The main character in this photo was Navy lawyer Lt Daniel Kaffee. He was assigned to defend the two Marines who were facing the Martial Court for the death of fellow Marine. The strength of the movie brought the lead of the wall in almost all areas. From the start of the project to defending the accused until the end of the investigation, leadership and immense communication led a wide array of moral down to dark sides of karisma.

In this military work directed by Aaron Sorkin game, Lawyer Small Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) is assigned to defend the two Marines, Pfc. Louden Downey (James Marshall) and Lance Cpl. Harold Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison) accused of killing crewneck Pfc. William Santiago (Michael DeLorenzo) at the US Navy station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Kaffee usually asks for their clients rather than bringing them to experience, which is probably why he was assigned this potentially troubling issue. But when Lt. The head of JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) is assigned to assist Kaffee, convinced that there is more to it than they have been led to believe and convince her university that this case should go to court. Downey and Dawson revealed that Santiago died in the midst of the hazing rituals, known as "Code Red", after threatening to inform higher authorities that Dawson opened fire on the Cuban Watchtower. They also claim that "Code Red" has been performed under the instructions of Jonathan Kendrick (Keifer Sutherland). Kendrick boss, strong and nails Col Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) denied any knowledge of torturing Santiago, but when Lt. Col. Matthew Markinson (JT Walsh) believes in Kaffee as Jessup demanded "Red Code" for the violation of his silence, Kaffee and Galloway must find a way to prove this in court. A few good men are also Kevin Bacon as prosecutor Jack Ross, and Kevin Pollak as investigator of Kaffee and Galloway, Lt. Sam Weinberg. – (Deming, 1992, http://www.allmovie.com ).

Lawyers and sailors each received their leadership role as described in the LMX. This theory "… describes the role of methods between leaders and individual subordinates (Dansereau, Graen, & Haga, 1975; Graen & Cashman, 1975) (Yukl, p. 116)." The shipping union usually takes one of two different types. According to the theory, most leaders have special exchange rate transactions with a small number of solid subordinates who act as assistants, lawyers or advisors (Yukl, page 116). In the case of the Marine Commander and LMX Theory, his intention was to use his certificate for deceptive purpose. The lawyers used the LMX (Yukl, page 116) theory to produce value and moral departure for seafood.

Communication for Pros and Cons

Lawyers represented by a sentenced soldier shared their leadership role. They were appointed in the matter and one of them appeared as a leader because of his passion for the truth. They eventually found the loopholes in the case and continued to send a way that led to the truth. Their presentation created the atmosphere that was ultimately breaking the autonomy of government and developing the truth.

Investigators who compare the impact of providing or choosing leaders have discovered that followers expect more from natural leaders than expected leaders. Since they have more invested in the leaders they have chosen, members have more expectations and tolerance less failure. However, group members of natural leaders provide more space to work. Emergent leaders have greater freedom to make decisions on behalf of the group. One of the most common tasks for a regulated group leader is to organize and sit for meetings, the subject of the next chapter (Hackman and Johnson, 2004, p. 193).

The sailor sent a message to his own government, which depended on marine issues and minds of soldiers. The commander was very charismatic and knew his strength and power. He became his own head of the military, deceived himself and created his own rules and rules. Charismatic leaders tend to make more risky decisions that can lead to serious flaws and they tend to make decision makers who want to use such failure as an opportunity to remove leaders from office (Yukl, page 251).

Man's methods are in full view of the Lord and he examines all his ways. The wicked of the wicked hide him. The cord of his sins hold him fast. He will die for lack of discipline, deriving his own stupidity. (Pro 5: 21-23, NIV).

Resolution Resolution

Bugsin had decided to believe that their destiny was judged by serving the grave surplus of darkness. They did not realize their power in unity until the situation became life and death. The government was used to follow rituals, rituals and habits (Hackman & Johnson, p. 224) that held them bound to a traditional waiter. The princess and the queen were desperate for dissolution. At the time of the enemy, the colony saw that their numbers were greater than the grasshoppers. It took the princess's boldness to encourage the colony to merge and protect their rights and territories.

Your effectiveness as a symbolic leader will largely depend on how well you place the "stamp" on the culture or subcategory of an organization, either as a founder or as an agent (Hackman & Johnson, p. 230).

In the "few good men" the boss got so wrapped up in the project that he embarked on fulfilling the purpose for which he was assigned to him. He turned to the code of conduct, and his carabic leadership fell into a dark part that contributed to the death of his neighbor. The resolution of the picture came to the past when the truth of the manager was revealed. Hackman and Johnson describe his charismatic leadership as follows:

  • Uses power only for personal benefit.
  • contributes to their own personal vision.
  • Certain critical or opposing views.
  • Requires his own decisions to be taken.
  • Be approved without questions.
  • Engage in one-way communication.
  • Is unacceptable for followers & # 39; needs.
  • Relies on a comfortable external moral.
  • Standards to Satisfy Your Own Hobbies (page 117).

Leaders who learn to listen, seek wisdom and assess the situation can find a solution in most conflicts. Although these films are secular, God can use the foolish world to confuse the wise ones (Matthew 11: 25, NIV) and teach lessons. The lesson learned from the "bug of life" was the fact that desperate circumstances could lead to unity and resolution. "Few good men" were examples of the struggle people experience when they set off the rest of the world and allow the world to become a key element of all life.


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