Leadership – where fitness and comfort are consistent

I've always wondered how easy something is seen when working from a place where fitness and comfort are consistent.

What will take three minutes of your time to read, reflect thoughts that take shape over many hours. As you start a colt, you can write to put me outside the hugging area, so I take a deep breath, clear my thoughts and see what happens.

Information that keeps us back is much more about our internal editor than other perceptions. When I learned how the pieces are part of the things I'm seeing how to learn, share and grow …. with grace.

Can you define an action that led to personal study? An instant that gave a different perspective?

I introduced Rhys a few months ago, a three year old colt who joined the herd this summer. While our conversations are silent, they have opened up all new awareness of monitoring behavior and changing my perspective in conversation.

Conversation can be a discussion where opinions are made with the purpose of making a decision or forcing an opinion or it may include a menu. The conversation happens when different views are introduced as a way of new understanding. That is why non-verbal communication is a part of either a dialog or dialogue. If that is the case, then you have started using the colt in the actual process of the menu.

The individual nature of the horse is responding, escape any perceived danger. So the trust in our relationship has increased and has gone into the menu. Rhys is willing to comment on circumstances rather than leaving. As I see where the offer differs from responses, it allows us to coordinate and work together, as a team begins to load when it's common, visual and understanding.

In the fifth freedom, Senge points out "In conversation, people become observer of their own thoughts. A conversation is a bit of sensitivity to go beyond what is familiar." Rhys and I are gaining this sensitivity and awareness for and for each other.

Menu allows ideas to grow with participation and distinct views. Dialogue is playful. So rather than when Rhys is a struggle, they have become the opportunity to join.

Indeed, many of our conversations are the opinion that I feel like Rhys agrees with, rather than getting him to notice that I try to introduce every action as another way to hide him. A horse can be there physically but spiritually, they will not meet when they are pushed out of the learning area. They can simply go through the engines.

Fortunately, Rhys has not been fully opposed to my suggestions. But I believe I participated in learning when he approaches me when I approach and no longer hesitate before I allow myself to evacuate him.


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