Life happiness and self fulfillment – Principle One

Happiness is so awesome for most of us. For all our technical progress, depression continues to climb in much of the world. Why is it?

I think there are seven principles for true happiness and self-esteem. In this article, I will describe the first principles, which is basically the foundation of happiness. And that is the principle that is often overlooked.

Happiness is a decision .

We are all so busy in search of happiness that tends to see happiness as a destination. That's something we're aware of. And from that point of view, we seem to rarely get there except for a certain momentous momentum.

But happiness is by no means a destination. Rather it is to be vesen. And there is a state that can only be achieved in "now". It's a literal choice.

Right now you can choose to focus on whether you feel comfortable or not. It is certainly a matter of what you decide to draw your attention on. Do you choose to draw your attention to what is wrong or what's right?

Select a place instead of React

One of the wonderful things about the human mind is that we have the power to choose our thoughts. If you do not feel the way you feel, you can choose to think of something else. Indeed, this basic advice you probably heard from your parents as a child when you were upset about something – "think of something else".

Every day, all day, faces situations where you have the opportunity to choose a response. And that choice is based on thoughts that either feel good or not. If you're like most people, instead of choosing consciousness, you're dealing with instead. Reactions are stimulants; It is a conditional answer rather than a conscious choice.

It takes practice

The feeling of happiness is something you can start doing at any time by simply choosing a better feeling. However, it does not say that it is easy. If that were most of us would be happy rather than unhappy by the time.

When you understand that you have the chance to feel better – feel happier – just get used to it. And a wonderful thing about life is that you have the opportunity to practice choosing a happier thinking time for a while through the day.

Realizing that all aspects of your life are extremely about the choices you choose to make. For example, if you do not like where you live, why live there? Is it because you were born or maybe simply where your parents chose to live?

If you do not like where you live, make a decision to move. You do not even need to move, but just knowing that you've made your mind decision will allow you to feel better and start thinking about where you want to move when you & # 39; I like to move, etc. You will already think happier emotions.

The basis of happiness is to understand that there is a choice . It's a choice that you get to do again all day long. And as you get better in making this choice through exercise, funny starts happening: you start living happier life momentarily, day by day.

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