Make your life happy with four simple steps

How much better do you feel when you are happy and compared to what you feel blurred and shaken? When happy you feel unbeatable, able to get great things and handle all tasks in front of you. When you find yourself, you can not bother to even start these tasks and find some excuses to turn it off.

By adopting four practices below, you can eliminate these tired, lazy days and bring happiness and confidence to your world.


Take gratitude into your life and evaluate everything you have done and experienced. Every day, whether it's the first thing in the morning, the last thing in the evenings or sometimes, take time to think about what you can be grateful for that day.

You have children, work and have good health – be grateful. You have good friends and good workmanship – be grateful. You have time and ingredients to prepare your spouse favorite meal – be grateful.

By accepting gratitude, you must begin to evaluate what you have, rather than be upset that you need something.


What good things have you done today, unnoticed by others, who would benefit from praise. You helped the woman in battle with her boxes through the door; You took time to listen to the ideology service and encourage it when you got to work. You collected the report for your boss when he arrived late. All the little things that help others, and they deserve their own compliments.

You are building your own self esteem by praising yourself. So think about what you've achieved and take a mental pat on your back. It will help you feel better and then increase your happiness.

And spread the word-praise others who have helped you, or third parties, and find the heat they give you back.


When you have great energy and long lasting action, take time to think about what has caused this action.

When you are tired days, days where you just want to sit around you and not be interested in anything, think about what caused these emotions.

Try to restore more of these initial feelings and when you feel bad, stop them from your day. Live your life in great energy as much as you can and you'll gain more and increase your happiness to success.


Join every hour every day by agreeing to these items and increasing your happiness. By thinking of gratitude, praise and energy, and taking action to make them an active part of your life every day, you will increase the feeling of well-being and happiness.

It will not happen right away, practices take a few weeks to become indigenous in your life, but by activating three key factors in all potential we will feel energy and look forward to each day and fill them with valuable results.

Be grateful, praise yourself and others, live your life with great energy and take action and soon you will live more satisfying and fulfilling life.


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