Man Empowerment

A part of true knowledge is the way all true guardians of light should take. This is part of living words that would always lead to inspiration. Inspiration could be considered light itself. The fundamental point is true knowledge of oneself, its relationship to everything else and its accomplishment and to achieve its highest nature. It's the most rewarding one, strengthens it intensely, protects and encourages authentication and constant sustainable progress. It truly strengthens all true applicants. Despite the great prize, very few unconsciously suffer at any time. This is the sad state of mankind at this point, as we are all well supported by the authority that it provides and the ease with which our common progress has been pursued.

The seekers of the living words have chosen the mysterious way and must continue to explore all ways to maximize our benefits.
We constantly work for ourselves to get more noise from lighting, strengthen us with knowledge, imagination and intelligence.

It will benefit more humanity for other individuals to do the same as we offer some insight into dealing with it as follows:

Nature of Power
Our three fundamental truths of reality
framework Knowledge
Nature and Purpose and Benefits of Your Imagination
Some fundamental policies to stop and gradually cope with the
competencies challenges.


Power is the ability and ability to make things happen. Human beings believe that God created man in his image and likeness, and thus within us by virtue of our precept of God is the power of God. Once this power is taken into use in our daily lives, please talk about authentication. Strength is about accepting and applying our ability to create and experience our organization. As we think, we are attracting the people, events and circumstances that give us the greatest opportunity to experience our wishes and thoughts.


We know that 3 fundamental truths are truly and rationally unexpected.
The Creator of God
The Man Created
In order for certain relationships between God, the Creator and the man to be created

The quality of the third reality depends on the value of our knowledge and understanding of the nature and purpose of God and man. It is in this third reality that people experience the greatest difficulties of the agreement and a united basis for progressive cohabitation. Some individuals shape and live this relationship on the basis of faith, regardless of experience and intelligent reasoning. Some others build on their experience but with unconvincing and ellogical arguments. There is more power to build it on knowledge with experience, intelligence and logical reasoning:


To describe is to bring light and understanding to bear the existence; article, article or concept. The method of achieving this is consistent and great work for itself to develop five fundamental light descriptions as follows: Awareness that is perception with our objective divisions and internal understanding; Faith that is an unproven conclusion (logical or ellogical) conviction of nature or reality. It is usually a product of thought and reasoning; Knowledge of what is a product of experience and verification or proof; Understanding what happens to incomprehensible terms of why and how certain reality and wisdom as a result of increasing understanding of reality as a whole. This wisdom, when put into service, gives us great power to guide the issues of humanity.

Living our lives in faith alone does not really prevent it from leading us to the unintended consequences of illegal and strange actions. It is best to know with experience and understanding.

Nature, Purpose and Benefits of Ideology

Imagination is the process of mentally or emotionally mentally and emotionally giving shape and life. It calls our talents to produce images of the consequences we want and inspire them with life.

Its purpose is to enable us to play and play again. We play in the future and create our future and connect it to our present; We play back and understand our past that led to our gender.

Its benefits are understanding of our past and energy to grow, develop and evolve into the best experience of the good life that is sustainable.


We must make our imagination a reality to strengthen our power. This requires steps to find the people, places, and other resources needed to reach the goal of your imagination. For example, if you want to be a good manager or manager, you're not only imagining yourself, but also taking practical steps to activate your desire. To imagine and not take further measures is not only infertile but to endure your heart, mind and soul with dissatisfaction.


Gratitude involves taking nothing for granted, but always looking for and evaluating what will be the case. For all actions that take place against man, he has to thank by showing gratitude and always in a sense of gratitude. Always be grateful. Show that you believe it and feel what you have in your imagination has been done and thank God for them in front.


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