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9 leadership systems include communication technology, psychological impact, power balance, leverage skills, negotiation, sacrifice, responsibility, live in paradox and vision. The United States Secretary of State, Michelle Obama, spoke really and seamlessly about the leadership system and therefore her speech has reflected the public and critics.


Her speech began by forming a connection and her point of view and experience is attributed to 99% of all Americans. We understand the American struggles and perseverance of our parents appear in desperation to survive. She touches a shared connection that we share with everyone explaining how she and her family share the same existence.


Leadership is psychological and illuminated with the ability to control others' stress because of change. She told stories that encourage strong emotions related to challenging circumstances that her family and the American people have experienced. She expressed her understanding of these circumstances and how they as a family have discussed these experiences in the past. She explained how Obama's president does not blink over challenging times, but he continues with wisdom and compassion.

Take advantage of power and talent

Leadership utilizes power to care for the needs of others by creating security, individual respect for self and others, aura of recognition and unity, the spirit of love, and encouraging success. Michelle Obama spoke about the foundation of her family who is love. Love is a central constraint theme for all successful leadership. Leader without love is a castle without furniture. Michelle Obama showed vividly in her speech that her family's love is all. She said that their love is strong – strong enough to share with the world. Through dissemination, these thoughts inspired many Americans and non Americans worldwide because her speech spoke to the fact that she and her husband began from a humble start. She spoke with the meaning of hard work and faith in greater kindness. The idea of ​​giving back and not closing the door to others is American values ​​that we all need to embrace and give back was a key element in Obama's leadership.


Michelle's very quiet viewer is an indication of great self-esteem and great faith in the truth. She and her husband have shown the ability to control their emotions in difficult times and be incredible to adopt opposing reactions. These talents are the skills that all leaders need to succeed. Michelle spoke constantly about her family values ​​and how they aligned with American values. A summit is based on the culture it leads to and the correction of these values ​​is necessary to obtain public procurement.

Negotiations with a firm commitment to the value of choice of choice of complexity. She spoke of the most difficult circumstances over the presidential presidency and there is no justification for a certain right or wrong answer. She explained that these pressure-driven choices are made on the basis of the values ​​the president thinks and that his values ​​are the same as America's values. This concept allows the US public to entrust its prime minister into difficult decision making and develop a level of coordination because people could communicate with the thought in question.


The leader is a victim, and Michelle spoke that Barak would not accept higher payment places in exchange for "rights and rights because it was right." President Obama has demonstrated a mandatory incentive to to be a successful leader. He has stood strong for something that means others in most of his political processes. Server leadership builds trust and confidence conveys speed of success. Her voice was aimed at regaining confidence they have lost by protesting allegations that have shown Michelle spoke of sincerity that she found for American people and the sacrifice her family had made to gain her lead. She spoke of the concern she had for her family to adapt to the domestic spotlight. [19659002] Warranty

Leadership is responsible and without responsibility is no leadership. Position f The United States has the most local responsibility in the world. Leaders accept high levels of responsibility and prosperity when pressure is on. Michelle Obama talked about introducing the new health care law and the responsibility of President Obama found that it enabled him to make the tough decisions that were necessary to complete the passage of the law. President Obama also took responsibility for incorporating gender equality laws and abolishing Do not pray not to say. These are controversial issues that are highly controversial, but President Obama received what he believed was right based on his value. Michelle spoke of the overwhelming responsibility that President Obama found for the American people and their successes achieved by circumstances.


Leader is about to live in paradox – live for a moment of uncertainty without clear answers – "corrupt if you do and damage if you are not" an instant. A leader is full of these moments and accepting imperfect existence is necessary to lead with a clear mind and clear heart. A dwelling at past events or worries about the current vague situation greatly reduces leadership talent. An effective leader uses these unexpected circumstances to encourage action and commitment with calm and honesty. Leaders like Lincoln and Washington were contradictory champions, and Michelle talked about the challenges faced by Obama's leadership during presidency. The challenges were great and complex. They were compared to the previous presidential election in Teddy Roosevelt during severe depression and GOP's dispute and collision at each level led Obama. These were some of the paradoxical problems that his government faced.


Leadership is visual and Michelle Obama talked about Barack Obama's vision since they first met and how it has developed overtime. She talked about his vision with a foundation in American values ​​and his belief in America's strength. His vision includes opportunities for better education for all, the ability to get proper healthcare when needed and the ability to live an American dream for all. She talked about the vision of the next generation to be greater than us and have the opportunity to look after the vision. The vision is full of inspiration, commitment, caring, love, opportunity, power, responsibility and unity to make the vision a reality.

Michelle Obama is a great leader. Without Michelle there is no Barack. It is the foundation of the family and showed her strength and courage for hundreds of millions of people from all over the world. In my opinion, she describes the title of America's first lady and has created the title with style, grace and leadership.


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