Money as a motivation

Motivation is derived from each of the words that has a literal meaning reason to do something. Motivation is why someone should do something. Motivation is commonly associated with the word motivation which means increasing the productivity or productivity of someone to do something. It can be said that motivation and motivation go side by side. There are many ways to give motivation, but what's the money. The incentives include prizes, promotions, cash prizes, etc. Motivation is of two types, ie. positive and negative. Positive motivation relates to prizes and negative incentives are associated with punishment.

Money is a form of money or currency that you get as a reward for doing something. Money is paid as a salary, cash prize and wage increase or indirectly in terms of accommodation, other benefits and privileges usually with free gas, transport, driver and even cooks / cooks etc. The limit can not be set as if there is no end to the benefits and privileges that you would receive against the services it provides and you can limit the contract to any organization.

The required service requires some encouragement and usually it's money. Can we say that money is a fundamental motivation for doing a job or providing a particular service? The answer is both yes and no. Yes because you're paid for something you've done. NO because this payment is not the only reason for doing a particular job or providing services. As motivation and motivation go side by side in the same way accessible to money as an incentive or do not go side by side. Although money is essential and the reason for providing certain services, there are many other reasons that encourage you to continue a particular job or provide certain services. A fully furnished house and free home meals can not even satisfy you.

  • Other services of each service provider may be related to any of the following requirements:

    • Occupational safety
    • Shelter
    • Children's education
    • Advancement at work
    • Honor and respect
    • Other facilities

    Is money source motivation?
    Well what service you provide or what work you do, you need money at your disposal to transfer, buy clothes, to meet the needs of the children and for fun, as well as many other meeting needs. Here, even if you get all the other facilities, you're not yet motivated to do something that takes more time and effort. However, other incentives in the form of good or money (cash usually chosen) you can encourage someone to do something else. It has also been felt that money is the easiest motivation to get and can encourage someone to do some sort of hard task easily.

    In view of the amount of money as motivation for motivation, it can also be argued that barter could not last long because you have to pay a lot of effort to get things like a shirt against a 10 kg bag of flour. People today choose money to replace any service that is in place of something in kind. The reasons are obvious. Here's money as a fundamental motivation.


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