Motivation and willpower


Simple is not it? If you are overweight, you want to lose weight. Motivation is obvious that it is slim, to be healthier. So it's sorted, all you need is a will to do it.

Willpower + Dieting = Weight Loss

How well has it worked for you?

The general idea of ​​willpower seems to be that you've either got it or you do not. If you have not been successful in diet because you do not have willpower. You just need to find in you this role called willpower, so you're looking for it and it's not there.

Of course, it's not there.


I do not believe that willpower exists as a feature or characteristic feature. If you search for this standard role, called willpower, you will not find it. The feature & # 39; & # 39; which is described as willpower is actually having some very good, very important reasons (ie motivation) to do something. What you need to look for are your own very good, very important reasons for losing weight.

Think about celebrities. They often succeed in losing weight – they must have willpower. Indeed, they have had good and prominent reasons. They are in the spotlight. Every day they know they could appear in the magazine. They only need to think of all the good comments they receive in the magazine if they succeed (pleasure) and any bad comments they receive if they fail (pain).

Think of the time you've died in the past and manage to get to the weight you wanted. What were your motivators then?

Maybe you were getting married. There is a compelling reason why preparing a wedding takes over everything and that means that your good reason for losing weight is conscious all the time. Whenever you're thinking about how you want to see your wedding day and make the most of your enjoyment when you do it. Also, you have time limits, in your mind everything is up to one point, so the relaxation works.

Your Reasons to Lose Weight

When did you settle down and really think about why you want to lose weight?

Do it now. Take a clean sheet and record 5 reasons why you want to lose weight. Assess how strong you find for each reason by scale 1 to 10.

Now give 1 to 10 grade on the question & # 39; How strong do you think you can become your ideal weight and continue it? & # 39;

If your ratings are not up to 8/9 / 10s then you are likely to have a diet diet and you may have rated the last question that is rather low.

This probably means either that these are not your real reasons – they are thinking about you that you should have – or you've lost an emotional attachment for the reasons.

Increase your motivation

Look at each reason again and if that means something for you, think deeper about what it means.

If, for example, one reason is that you can return to your favorite summer beef again and you have rated it 5 for the strength of feelings, think more about what it means to be in the summertime. How do you feel when you wear it? Imagine yourself, figure what you do, where you're going, hear the compliments people give you. Step outside of you, look at yourself by wearing the dress and feeling proud of you.

Now reassess the question & # 39; How important do you think you can become your ideal weight and maintain it? & # 39;

What's holding you back?

If your score is still not high, think why you do not really believe that you can gain and maintain your weight. There may be all sorts of things here and the more you become aware of who you are, the more you will be able to overcome them.

If you've lost, lost and then put it back a few times, have you developed a fatal belief that this is how it is? Becoming just aware that you have developed this belief is probably enough to speak out of it.

If someone has once said something like "Well, you know you always have weight problems, just watch your mother" you might find that simply the unaware awareness that this is behind some of your thoughts is not enough to speak get out of it In that case, you might want to look at something like NLP (neuro programming) that has methods for changing attitudes.

The key is to become aware of all the views behind what you think because only then can you do something about them.

What about when you've been successful?

This helps everyone with your motivation, but what happens after a big day has gone? The compelling reason for slaughter has gone, and because you were dying & # 39; You have not had a natural way to eat that helps you keep on weight.

As you've probably found, if you return to your previous eating habits, you usually put back all the weight again. New eating habits are necessary and your motivation is essential to help you put them in place. It's a bit harder now, however, after dieting, you're looking for awards. And the goal of not emphasizing is not as immediate as stimulation and the goal is to lose weight.

So why not drop your birthrate and use all the incentives you set up in a way that will last forever.

Use your motivational feeling

Find out how to set up a new pattern that supports normal weight loss, explain what your potions are for eating and what controls your food choices so you can do this for yourself and not against you. Understand what diet does to your body and how it is not a long term solution. Create new habits that support the new way to eat and make it easier. Knowledge is the power and the more you know about nutrition, the effects of the body on different food choices and how you set up good practices, the more effective you have.

Weight loss is not just about finding encouragement to gain weight but also to maintain weight. The easier it takes to maintain the ideal weight, the less motivation you need constantly: and it is known about food and nutrition, useful practices and how to get the ones that make it easier.


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