Motivation – Do not let the team uncomfortable

The people in the group may feel a bit uncomfortable when
you sit down and spend time with them, especially if
is not used. They may not use you to do
it or maybe a former executive did not. It is often
that people are uncomfortable because they
associate their boss with a memorandum
as a reminder.

As Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson say in his book
"One Minute Manager"
"Many executives believe their job is to" catch people
to do something wrong. "[19659002] Many senior management executives thought their job was to check
what their people were doing and "types" that
required. Many employees today still feel that the situation is
. If the manager comes close to you then they are
to view. If you have this culture among your posts
then you need to change it.

Think about it this way – are you a good manager who
uses your time team to find out what they do or
to find out how they do it. Make sure it is the latter.

Some of your people might even be a little afraid of you
especially when they first join the team. You could believe it
– "You're too nice person to be
afraid of the little old you" – even though I believed it

One day I was discussing a new salesman with John, one of
the more experienced guys. "Young Patrick is afraid of you"
he said. "Do not be absurd" was my answer: "What did I do
to frighten me, I'm always very good
with him." – "Well, he's afraid of you and just want
please you," said John.

This was something that really made me think because there
there was no way I wanted some of my team to be afraid of me. Now
I was aware of it, I took more care in my relationship with Patrick
and our affiliate program worked well.

Be so aware of the effects you have on your
people; You might think you're the best talent
the person in the world, but how do you see it.
Unfortunately, there are several managers who probably think their
people are a little scared of them and they see it as a positive position. These are also managers who spend
a lot of time in recruiting new people.

I remember time when I have received a new team. I
had many strange looks and defensive body issues when I
stopped chatting with any of the team.
Some sales resellers would be very unpleasant
when I told them I was spending time with them
to visit customers. However, I always knew that I was
to get it right when a salesman would later wait –
"When you come back with me back Alan to see

There and # 39; s always want to be members of the group who are
very interested in spending time with you and others who are less
so. However, you must spend time with everyone – more with
somewhat and less with others. If you do it right then
your people will get used to it and start to see the
benefits individually.


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