Motivation – how to get it done

How often have you heard that someone says, "I do not feel like it," or "I have no incentive?" Yet, these same people will urge to finish what it is they lack the motivation for. We have all been in these shoes. We sometimes lack the drive to get something done.

There are situations where we all have great encouragement. Hunger is often a good example of this. When you are famished and ready to eat your own body weight in food, chances are you will be good at eating food and solving your hunger.

The great news is that you can use this kind of great motivation to have great motivation for anything. For you to get motivation, a special pattern comes in your head. Once this pattern has started, you get motivated.

Here's how you figure out your own pattern. I will use myself as an example. When I'm hungry, my thinking pattern works like this:

1) I say either loudly or in my head, "I'm hungry!" Egypt "I need food!"
2) I then start looking at different types of food choices.
3) I then match the taste and picture of the food with a good feeling of having a hunger happy.
4) I take steps to feed me and go to the kitchen.

Suppose I now have little emphasis on removing the trash. I can take the same mindset and encourage me. Example:

1) I say in my head or out loud, "I have to take out the trash," or "I want to take out the trash."
2) I'm looking forward to removing the trash.
3) I get a good feeling by removing the trash, like "when done, I'll feel like I've got something."
4) I get up to take out the trash.

You can do the same now. Explain what steps you are going through the head for things that you focus on.

You may have more or fewer steps than me. Your step can be very different from me too, since everyone encourages their strategy to be exactly and perfect for them. Before you react to getting something done then some kind of mental pattern will happen. This pattern is represented by your senses as visualization – touch, feeling, sound and / or smell.

You must put your senses together in your head to complete what you are very interested in.

When you do not have a hobby, the pattern is not the same. Thus, only the motivation pattern needs to be encouraged, and then. . . Shazam! You get your motivation "A" game.


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