Motivation in the workplace

Does this listen to you when you hear it? "I hate my job, I hate going up early and
to work at work, I hate working, but I have to pay my bills." This is a crying help. You lack motivation and you will continue to be unhappy until you fulfill the invalidity of your life. Explain why do you do yourself?

Scholars like Maslow, Hertzberg, McGregor and McClelland suggest that men respond to their natural needs to satisfy them. According to scholars, two main views of human motivation are a necessary reduction and positive driving. Need reduction is the one used to satisfy physical hunger, thirst and sleep. A positive pursuit is the need to strengthen the relationship with society. According to Abraham Maslow there are five need points. He believes that people exist in hierarchy needs, from physiological, social, security and self-esteem. This is "Maslow's hierarchy of Need Theory."
Based on theories, you can be encouraged by your needs and with your spiritual faith. You need to know that nobody can make you happy, but you. The manager can help you if you allow him, but you are responsible for your own happiness in life. If nothing else is to stimulate you, you need to encourage yourself. The following examples of needs and attitudes are two ways that can be encouraged:

Sample needs:

You are hungry and it is your lunch time. The Department of Dentistry is crowded and emergency assistance just left the door. The dentist asks you to assist in the preparation of emergency patrons. If you are starving you will have lunch. If you are hungry hungry, you will assist in the preparation of emergency patrons. Your priority is based on your perception of how this action will affect it.

Sample of religion:

You have been late every day of the week. The dentist has warned you to be late because he needs to open the office. Today you have the choice to quit a fast food restaurant and treat yourself to breakfast or get to work at the right time. If you believe that you might be driven to get out of work at the right time, you will probably leave a breakfast at the fast food restaurant. If you believe you will not be in trouble then you will probably leave the restaurant and have breakfast before going to work.

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