Motivation, inspiration, stagnation

It happens that we all often hear how important it is to succeed. That's what drives many through their way of life. How do you define performance? Does it mean to become rich? To get an opinion? Are you building a business from nothing to something of great value? Is it important? Create a worthwhile picture?

These are certainly noble hopes. It's natural to desire success and recognition, but what's really what's important for life to succeed? There are several ways to view the life trip so let's examine these three ways: Being motivated, inspired, or stagnant.

Motivation is an autonomous process that makes things happen in your life. We have been taught the principle of indelible determination that allows you to climb right over the obstacles, never give up. With this drive, nothing gets in your way! We have been taught that this is the way to succeed and it is important that we see what we want and follow it with all our goodness. There are thousands of motivations, books, audio and video that share the secrets to becoming enthusiastic and accomplish your dreams. With motivation, you catch an idea and work and tolerate until they reach their goal. Many individuals have been incredibly successful from this approach. It takes a lot of side effects to reach, but the result is what matters in this approach.

Inspired journey is somewhat different. During this trip, an individual is taken with an idea to take care of them and leads to an inspirational outcome. Inspiration is the reality of the Spirit that works through you. In other words, you will be led in the way the spirit knows is good for you and the benefit of others.

Inspiration always flows from global energy. It is not something that is forced or pushed in any way; It simply flows out effortlessly. The majority of time, when moving from inspiration, is the ultimate goal or outcome unknown. It's a guided tour from the inside, spirit-driven, and simply requests for faith to move into an unknown area. It always involves leaving your will – something very difficult for people to do.

All my books come this way. My second book, The Realness of a Woman, was not even in my mind, but one morning while I was in trouble, I heard a voice saying that I was writing the book. I simply said "okay" without having an idea of ​​what was in the book. Every word of 340 pages came through divine guidance and it would often surprise me what I had written. This is an inspiration. It also simply means to approve, or surrender and wait for the next step to evolve. Yes, it takes great faith and confidence, but every time I let inspiration flow, the result is better than I've ever thought of. It allows you to live in all kinds of happiness and happiness, and it always requires you to get out of your way so that you can win!

Stagnation is another way people live their lives. Webster says that stagnation is one thing that is lacking in activity and interest, it is late and dull. This is the life that many live when they allow the job to control their lives. There are bills to pay and commit others so that they work day after day for a job that does not fill them. Thus, this person drives himself who is in his life like a robot, and does what they know to do.

Stability is not a good life. You may find external things that make you feel happy for a while, but the innovation will soon be off and you're on another pleasure, or at least for one. In stagnation, there is often a feeling that something is missing or perhaps not enough feeling. The reason is that this person has not found his passion in life and therefore can not feel satisfied no matter what they do. This lifestyle is where most people live and die sometime. It's like they're throwing through with the life that happens to them. This life is small.

Everything in life is about choice. If you do not consciously choose will be chosen for you. Many individuals do not even realize they can really choose, and so often I've heard a comment in which someone is offering a warning, "I had no choice." My friends, you always have a choice!

So I ask you to review three ways to live your life – with motivation, inspiration or stagnation. The choice is yours and yours only. Your greatest power is the power of choice. What direction is the path you want to travel? One of these lifestyles is how you live your life right now. Maybe you like your life and maybe you do not, but if you want it to be different, you have to choose to do it.

Think about these three ways to live without doing anything else. Who do you think will offer you the best prize, give you peace and happiness as you get it?

I live my life with inspiration. I tried stagnation for many years but was lousy, restless, inadequate and dissatisfied with life. I made a choice to get motivated, and I did it too. I confirm with positive confirmation every day and both read and listened to the incentive information. I even worked with an interested person and I can tell from my personal experience that there was a lot of work with low benefits at the time. In recent years, I chose an inspired lifestyle, and my life became amazing. Things flowed into my consciousness, sometimes chasing me and at other times frightening me, but I listened and followed the instructions that came. Outcome? I'm happier than I've always been. I wrote three books and more are on my way. I conquered my fear of speaking publicly. Money has been shown on time to pay for what I was suggesting. I am in peace every day and know that everything is working in a divine order. Amazing things keep showing up in my life that I could never get a band. I work a lot when I know I've been guiding something to do, but it's always a balance in my life nowhere. I've found it by concentrating my thoughts on what flows to me with ease, I have time to complete everything that matters. My life has become unusual and every day is a joyful experience. I wish this for you!

Take a moment and decide what you want your life to be: inspiring, inspired or stagnant. That's your choice!


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