Motivation – Internal and external motivation machines

Internal / Internal Encouragement:

Your motivation to reach your goal comes from within. It is determined by your personal values ​​and goals. The drive to do something because it is interesting, challenging and absorbing is essential for great creativity. Enjoying built-in motivation is the strongest and most burdensome driver, believing it's good or right to do. Often, it's something we do even without a tangible outcome.

• Example: Reading a fiction book because you are curious about the subject or playing chess because you use effortless thinking are internal motivation examples.

With internal motivation, it is much easier to be interested. Trying to find internal values ​​in all you need to do can improve your success and satisfaction.

External / Extrinsic Motivators:

Your motivation to achieve your goal comes from a source outside of you. It reflects the desire to do something because of external reforms such as awards, money and praise. People who are outside hobbies may not enjoy certain activities but participate in them because they want some external rewards.

• Example: A person who resembles a sale but accepts a sales position because he wishes to work above average salary or choose a master's degree at a university based on pay and opinion, rather than personal interest in the main are examples of external motivation.

It drives one to do things for tangible reform or pressure, rather than fun to do. It can be difficult to maintain projects to look good or to please others. It emphasizes people on pay and not the action. In fact, extrinsic motivations can change something pleasing at work.

When do you have the most impact? When are you busy with hours like minutes? What is the balance for you?


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