Motivation – is it all that holds you back?

Do you lack motivation? I have to confess, even though I have time when I'm not particularly interested. I sometimes have when I just want to go away, drink beer with friends, watch some dopey tv shows or take a nose. I do not think you were human if you were doing something all the time. You would be some kind of boring robot.

Overall, I would say I'm very interested in accomplishing all sorts of things. The thing is this – when I'm particularly interested in doing something I really grab the work in front of me. I'm always challenging yourself to go faster, be more productive and find better ways to do things. When I work, I really work – no mucking around!

The hardest thing to do is start. The customer will often spend as much time assembling tools as doing the work. Starting is necessary. If that's your problem then I could suggest that you get a clock and work as hard and as fast as you can for 15 minutes. Once you've done it, lie back and look at what you've done. Often it will encourage you to continue.

Often I will "finish" my work in 15, 30 or 60 minute blocks of time. I compete with every successful block with each example to see how much I can do.

I'm always working with goals. For example, I have set a goal of 15 minutes to write this article and then 15 minutes to change and polish. So far, at this point I have only spent seven minutes of my time writing. It takes me more time to change and polish, or it could mean I finish the whole thing until I expected. There is always a bonus.

If motivation or justified lack of motivation is your biggest obstacle, try the technique that I mentioned above. One more thing you may want to try is to reward yourself after you have completed a target audience. Say you're digging a grave. Put yourself at a point where you will take a five-minute break and reward you with a nice cold lemon juice. How refreshing it would be.

Motivation is based on having a clear plan, setting goals, marking a birthday party and giving you a unique salary. When I finish this article, my award will be a good cup of black tea. I have taken just ten minutes to complete my goal of writing this. Proof and version took only three and a half minutes. My little rest and this cup of tea awaits me now.

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