Motivation – it takes 21 days to break lives

This is a fact, it takes 21 days to break the habit! Now it may take a lifetime to develop a bad habit but the great thing is that you will only be consistent for 21 days to break bad habits. So here is my list of things to do to help you break those habits for 21 days.

1. The first thing you need to do is list out what practices you want to break. Then one man chose to work. I'll help you put your practices down on paper, which will help you see them more clearly.

2. Choose one of the habits you want to work on. You should only work to break one habit at a time.

3. Look really at this routine and explain why WHY you want to break it. For example, if you want to lose weight, but you will find that you can not continue for a diet for more than a few days, you should lose weight in the first place. What is HOW or other words your reasons. If you have a strong reason to lose weight, then this will be yours. It should be strong enough to pull you back from the brink to take a piece of cream cake type of why (if cream cakes are your thing!).

4. Know your ignition. What's the one that sets you up and moves you towards your bad habits. Once you have explained what your trigger is, you need to keep this in mind every time you find yourself in your bad habits; you should admit to trigger and take action to prevent your habit .

5. Once you acknowledge that you are heading to number 4 above, you need a plan of action on what a new habits you put instead of falling back into an old habit.

6. Talk to yourself constantly when you see that you are in a bad habit, this will help you concentrate and keep yourself on track. I felt talking to myself constantly helped me keep on going.

I tried to find myself in front of a refrigerator that cried to myself with the door open and all this wonderful food that stalked me and called me to eat me & # 39; & # 39; eat me & # 39; Although a voice in your head could be said, are you not hungry, so if you ate this now, is it going to help your weight loss? & # 39; and then this argument went into your head and you know what I decided my surgery when I got a food shortage and knew I did not have to eat anything. I left and got a glass of water and went up the stairs away from the refrigerator.

7. Engage with others to assist you in supporting your changes. Sometimes if you realize changes by telling someone, do what you want to change stronger.

8. Write out your confirmation for yourself and repeat it daily, several times a day.

9. Show yourself new habits and turn off bad habits, take care of yourself after 21 days and how you'll look or feel.

The key to all this is to identify your habit, understand your reasons why you want to break the problem and acknowledge the event when you are going to break your habit and take away actions.

Continue repeating numbers 3 to 9 on a regular basis in the next 21 days, and it should become a new routine. You may want to reward yourself sometimes, but you need to plan this out in advance, do not go into it at the moment.

If you consider this post helpful, please click on the post in this post, otherwise let me know about your thoughts about deleting the habits below.

For success and new habits!

Colette Morris and Workfmhomediva


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