Motivation (Key to Success)

Many people will pour their heart and soul into a business or project and will never be as much thank you. These two little words have been neglected temporarily and create a very stopping work environment. When an individual or employee goes unnoticed, it can affect not only the moral of employees but also the company itself. Many companies have decided to reward their employees with praise and awards to strengthen the company's motivation.

Promoting someone can be done in many ways, whether you give people a cost-effective vacation or simply call them a spouse. No matter what motivation you choose it will have a positive impact on everything. American psychologist Abraham Maslow thought of six-degree hierarchy of movements that, according to his theory, determine human behavior. Maslow classifies human needs as follows: (Encarta 2008)

1. Physiology
2. Security and Security
3. Love and Feelings belong to
4. Fitness, Opinion and Opinion
5. Self-Succeed
6. Curiosity

Forbes magazine publishes a list of " the best company "annually and according to Forbes" companies need to go through the gauntlet to qualify. " The majority of talent seems to be about profit, equity and return, but it was one common thread that all those who were listed were, and that was how they treated their employees. Many of the listed companies are proud of the fact that they are a family and that they have a common goal as a reward for those who achieve those goals. (Forbes 2007)

Also, motivation for daily life can be conveyed, as the title of this work suggests that motivation is the key it can cause the child to excel, which may cause a petty man to walk an employee becomes an employer. Motivation is why we have so many successes today. These individuals had told them, "You can do that." Even if an individual has received a "get-done" type of attitude, they may need to still have to push.

Thinking is still one of the best tools for everyone's success. Parents share it with their children, coaches use it on their sports and companies have begun to use their employees. If everybody used incentives as part of the overall lifestyles, nothing is said what the world could achieve.


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