Motivation – Personal

We can read thousands of self-sufficient books and introduce motivation for many years, but how does all this knowledge mean our own self-esteem. This is different than teaching others, as with personal motivation, we need to put the piece in. We are the ones who need to deal with negativity, obstacles and distances that continually prevent us. I've found it easy to be interested when it's going well, but it's in those hard times when our minds need positive strengthening, we tend to be lazy.

I have met many individuals who had a lot of books about success, creating wealth, habits and still turning around to ease the road and get into trouble. I have done the same in my early years, unless I have the books. The men are hard-wired to try to take an easy way, no matter what the situation is. That's precisely the reason why those who can overcome these weaknesses become so incredibly rich and make up so little of the total population. It also seems that they always have the tendency to become lucky and live happier lives than the others. Could it be true to the more you work, the easier it gets? I think so.

It is very important to create healthy practices for ourselves. As creatures of habits, that's what we do daily that have a very big impact on tomorrow's outcome. Without creating a proper environment where we can feed our success, it will not happen. For a moment, forget about winning a lottery or becoming a famous TV show, as there was only a very small number of people who also find it very difficult to get there. It is not advisable to focus on all external factors and other people as it actually has no correlation or direct impact on us. If you were not born rich and your family does not have a connection that's ok, go over it. Thinking about it will not change this fact, and sapping you with energy that could be better used elsewhere.

Create goals for yourself, but do not overdo it, and most importantly, that they are realistic. It's okay to want a million dollars, but what steps are you going to take to get there? It is impossible to jump on the mountain and this is the reason why climbing the train before the first step is taken. Enjoy your trip, since viewing down will only satisfy you temporarily. It's not the peak of life, since you just have to stop and be happy forever. This is just an illusion, and imagining such things tend to make people miserable right now.

It happened to me and does the same to many others. When you write a novel, enjoy each page, phrase, and even character when you write them. This can be copied in all other areas of life. I've seen people get out of depression and became really inspiring and good by simply creating realistic goals, working hard and enjoying the trip.


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