Motivation Quotes – Give Pep Talk!

What help can motivation quotes be for you in your quest to succeed in fulfilling your purpose with life?

Looking back on the way that I used such quotes, I conclude that a short, floating moment when I decide to respond to some impetus has often shaped how life has turned to a greater extent.

I confess these moments that were very useful by the wise inspiring words of many wonderful people who have traveled my journey. Here are some inspiring quotes that I use repeatedly:

I love Sir Winston Churchill's famous testimony, "Success is going from failure to failure without losing interest." It's a reality that reminds me that even if my wildest dreams can be successful for the first time, reality is rarely the same. I know I have to fight again and again before I can get what I want. and it requires constant renewal of energy. This quote reminds me of losing energy and giving in to conquer is to revert to the results I'm looking for.

Another testimony (source unknown) says: "Do not ask for the trip to be easy, ask instead it's worth it." I feel particularly encouraging as I work my way around the big obstacles that stand between me and what goals I'm looking for. I often see that as much effort as I put in front is as much a prize and I will get on my back. This view allows me to cope with really difficult challenges with a secret smile in anticipation of what is sure to follow.

My favorite quote comes from Dr. Maxwell Maltz says: "Self-esteem sets the limits of all individual performance." This statement shows me how much I can handle and how much I do not. It keeps me on my toes and drives me to censor my thoughts, never allowing me to stay on a negative thought for a long time. These quotes remind me that if I do not believe I can do something, I will not. So, I believe to believe that I can, then work in harmony.

If you have not already created, find your own inspiring quotes that you can memorize for the timing when you need them. Your reaction in difficult times determines the effectiveness of your life more than you can know. If you can change your reaction, you can change your life.


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