Motivation – The Push Behind Success

Home-based internet businesses are on the rise today, over 30 million Americans today make full or part-time live from the internet and there are many reasons for increasing. What most people do not understand are their own reasons why they want to start their home network, which can also mean they failed to put a plan in place. All companies need a strong plan that includes financial goals and realistic goals and motivation to achieve those goals is the same motivation that is needed to succeed. All entrepreneurs will tell you that goals and motivation are essential and necessary for successful activities of any kind.

The world has cleaned and now there are very few jobs and awesome possibilities for many people who have work. Their method of payment does not monitor inflation and prosperity, and the optimistic middle class of the 1990s disappears rapidly. Many have resigned to their destiny, they watch their money disappear and are pleased to bend their heads and remain unemployed. But there are others who do not want to give up, they want to give their families a good life, they want to maintain good living and improve it and it's their amateur. Many people saw the writing on the wall for years and started their own online store. It's never too late for anyone to start an online business but it will take time (what job is not?) And a lot of motivation.

The Challenge

There are those who want to take a challenge and those who are shy either because of their own in-house pessimism or negativity pushed them with friends and family. If you grow up in a family who constantly said you were not able to do something, how did you respond? For me, "I'm wrong, I'll do it." Okay, so I did not always succeed, but this self-contained within me continued to encourage me to try others until I succeeded. That was my motivation. If I had done and did what they said, I would probably work in a "safe" shop at any place – even if I had worked today, and I would be out of my mind and probably broke.


One of the biggest leaps I ever had to write a check and gave her my best friend who was behind her mortgage. Looking relief on her face was worth many times more than the money shown. I want to help people I know and love, and especially those who have been good for me. My husband understands only one aspect of my internet, he does not realize that I've been investing a lot of my time in another internet that will start paying us a good regular income, probably by the end of next year. When that happens, I will pay off all our debts and I'm looking forward to buying a new car. Then I'll start putting away money so my grandchildren can go to college. There is another booster. I just do not want anything but to succeed and I'll make the money come with it.

I do not want real employment!

I've had many jobs that I like, but only because I knew I was going to go somewhere else! It is always good to know the light at the end of the chat. Many have not chosen what I had; I had a lot of education, I have traveled all over the world and that's why I'm so happy to be home now, but only until my internet business starts.

If I look back on any of the jobs I had, I know that if I were still in those years later I was lousy. I'm not cutting out in 8 to 5 habits, I hate being told what to do, and I do not like being around other people so much. It's another big stimulus for me. I am much happier to work in my shorts and teams, on my own, looking at my swimming pool all day long. Put me in an expensive suit and surround me with people I do not know or like, and I'll be like a worm.

What actually drives me is mad, intelligent and talented people just giving up. People with expertise gained many years in the business community. People who have the skills and skills that others want to know about.

Small business is the backbone of the economy, and what we have now is the surplus of labor. You're a small business friend, whether you live in New York or in rural North Dakota, so think about what you can do. The internet is a huge place with many opportunities, start searching and get motivated!


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