Motivation to write – Top 7 ways to get motivated

It's very annoying when you put yourself down to your computer and star on a blank computer screen because you're not worried, inspired, or have run out of content ideas. I encountered these problems while taking part in several challenges involving writing 100 articles for 100 days. The first 50 articles were no problem, though I often landed on the wall after that. This led me to look deeper in me to find motivation to keep writing.

Top 7 Ways To Be Interested In Writing

1. Deserve Your Purpose

This is the basis for why you started writing first. For example, the purpose of writing 100 articles in 100 days was to generate traffic to my websites, include regular blog posts, weekly newsletters, and articles in a report to sell. A clear purpose helps you deal with emotional waves that affect you a few days. If you forget your understanding of purpose, write down all the reasons for paper and keep it close to your computer so you can refer to it from time to time.

2. Make a plan

Before you write your first article, make a plan. For example, there is a clear goal of writing 100 articles after 100 days. You also need to be committed to meeting the goal you set. Next, you need to create a list of topics to write about. One of the best ways to do this is to make a whole dump of all your ideas. Do not worry if you can not come up with 100 stuff. When you begin to write ideas, you will find issues that you never thought about.

3. Serialize Your Content

Serialize your content by optimizing your list. This means creating a series of articles where content flows naturally into each other. This allows your viewers to read more of your articles because you are providing refined information that is easy to digest. It also makes it easier to create a report from your content. All you have to do is pack up your articles together.

4. Ideas Everywhere

Sometimes, you're stuck to ideas and stop looking at an empty computer screen. This is very annoying and waste a lot of time. To solve new ideas, use the Google Keyword Tool, visit topics, blog in your niche, sign up for a Google Alerts account, visit a library, and search for frequently asked questions in your Yahoo! Answers.

5. Just Getting Started

Sometimes when I get to articles on ideas, I just start writing about something that comes to mind. This gets my creative juice. It's so much easier to edit the article after it's done than to do it while writing the content.

6. Avoid Over Analysis

Try to avoid temptation to analyze your content or correct your spelling mistakes while writing. It will interfere with the flow of ideas and take longer to complete. Leave the change to the end. It's also a good idea to take a break for a couple of hours or even the day before the article is published. You will discover grammar and spelling mistakes that you have never noticed before.

7. Evidence Read

Get someone else to prove reading content before it's published. They will have a more objective view than yourself and want to find a mistake that you never knew. Readers will be extinguished with mistakes of ridden subjects. However, do not spend time or days trying to make the article perfect. It's better to get it published and work for you as soon as possible.


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