Motivational Story – The Incredible Power of Willingness

This interesting article discusses the main issues related to daily motivation. Careful reading this material could make a big difference to how you think about daily motivation.

The story I'm going to tell you is based on history. I hope you can learn something from the person in the following story.

It was a resident of New York City and also a web designer. One day he took the subway in the Brooklyn District to go somewhere. And when the train was on his way he saw a girl, a drop dead, an adorable girl, not far from him. And he fell in love with her first impression with her. He had never had his feelings in this way before. She was so beautiful with him. And he wanted to meet and asked his name soon after the train arrived at the station.

And when the train came to the station, he left the girl and met her. Unfortunately, there were too many passengers as the reason why the passengers went down the subway. Finally, he lost the girl and searched for her anywhere, but he could not find her.

Day after day, he was deeper in love with the girl he met in the subway days before, and his feeling of love was stronger than before one day he decided to find the way or do whatever she could find the girl.

He finally committed himself to finding the girl. His wish to meet her was unstoppable. He then started creating a website. On the website he wrote all about physical looks and also wrote a message to let him know if someone had met her before or knew her or knew about her.

A few hours after the webpage was published, there were many answers to him. Some had compassion on him, some brave courage and support, some brave advice or ways to help him find the girl, and some girls even worshiped his love.

And his effort was good. There was a girl who confessed that she knew the girl he was looking for. And the gospel was that the man could finally find and meet the girl he was in deep love with. The end of the story was unknown. The man did not want to say more.

Message to readers:

It is not important that the continuation of the story is unknown. But we can learn from human commitment to the story above. You probably wonder how he can find the girl. There are about 11 million inhabitants in New York City. How can he find the girl in a very big city like New York? You think it's impossible to find it. But this is the true power of will. Impossible is possible with the power of will and commitment.

How strong your willingness is? Are you strong willingness to succeed in your life? Many will succeed, be richer, healthy, luxury housing and car, more promotions at work, etc. If you ask them where they want a better and successful life, they say yes yes. But we certainly wonder why so many people do not get what every other people want. There are only a minority of people who live in succession. This depends on the will everyone has. They want everything in this life. But they just want it. They do not have a strong will to achieve them. It does not matter if you can achieve it or not, but all that matters is that you want to achieve it or not. You can not get what you want if you simply do not want to achieve it because you think it is not necessary. If you think it does not matter if you finally or not, you will work differently by using strong will and you will not use your maximum strength and can you guess what results you will get? You get the results you will never expect.

There is nothing that can prevent you from doing what you want to be, if you really want to do what it takes to accomplish them as the Chinese phrase says: "If you have Will, you can move the mountain. "

If you have wanted, you can do everything that seems impossible for everyone to do. Your willingness is like fuel to increase your activity to succeed. Nothing is impossible when you really want. How strong your will is will determine how big you have to achieve. Simply take a look at the story above. Everything seems impossible, but the man can finally prove he can. It is the will of power. Nothing can stop you and you have to run fast like a train.

You can not only succeed. That's not enough. If you really want to succeed, you will have a strong will to achieve it. Your will will make you a commitment. By having a commitment, you will do everything to accomplish, even when everything seems to be difficult and impossible. You will also find a way to succeed. The route will only be given to you if you have wanted to search for it.

As an addition, the power of will will drive and keep track of your success. You are today because of your will, you succeed because of your will and you can be, done and have what you really want because of your will. If you have a strong will, everything in this world is very possible for you. To be successful, you need to use your will on your own.

Remember this saying: "WHAT IS, KNOW."

The day will come when you can use something you read here to have a positive effect. Then you'll be glad to take the time to learn more about daily motivation. Now it might be good to write down the main topics discussed above. Placing it on paper helps you remember what's important


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