Need motivation? Olympian unveils number one key that will turn on your motives forever

What happens when you do not come first? Recently, millions of people worldwide were impressed by the athletes' performance at the 2010 Olympics.

But as watchers what you can not know, Olympic Games are discovering key successes that can help you! Surely you could not associate the gravity of those suffering from physical fathers, but if you're like me, you can contact their desire to reach a goal.

So while you're a fan of the Olympics, and especially if you do not, you pay off the life-threatening keys learned from your Olympics. These keys will build your motivation, ensure greater performance and enhance your self-esteem.

Powerful Key revealed: There are three achievements every time!

We can all agree on the first result, and it's working! Attractive means that you achieved better results than anyone else on that day. That is good. The disadvantage of winning is that only one person can work. So where does it understand everyone else?

Most people would say that if you do not work you lose. Losing is very rare in the Olympics but you can imagine. But let's talk about another departure.

You can be edited. This is not the same as losing. Beating means you did your best, but someone else did better than you. Of course, everyone wants to be number one, but it's an honor to be beaten. How can you possibly do better than your best?

Think about it. If the best is not good enough then only the impossible will be done. What are the chances of reaching impossible in your life? If it's only work and lose, you get up for failure. How much motivation can you gather to stop trying to fail? So, the key to being "beaten" is a reasonable risk.

The final risk is losing. In the Olympics "losing" means giving up or quitting. It means taking you out of the race, or not even trying. What enthusiasm is it? Many people have this all or no attitude. If they can not work, they will not try. Over time, this attitude is the biggest assassin of the motivation. How do you drive your life?

To succeed, we need a different attitude; We must believe that making our best be fair.

A great story emerged from the Olympics in 1968. John Akhwari in Tanzania, badly wounded his foot on the marathon. The winner had already been declared an hour earlier when John hobbled into the stadium. As he crossed the goal line, few people left their appreciation. The reporter asked him why he had not resigned from the race, as he had no chance of winning. He seemed confused with the question. Finally he replied: "My country did not send me to start the race, they sent me to finish." Was John Tapa? No. He was welcome at home hero.

That's true. The Olympics just come four years ago. Watching the Olympics is great to watch three finals of any kind. A very elite group of athletes took home the beautiful medals. Most athletes did their best and were pretty beaten. Did anyone see a danger? No.

When you look at your actions in life, where do you recommend? It's great work, and we'll do it all at once again. However, the biggest handball club is dedicated to all of us who do our best daily and not give up despite obstacles in front of us!


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