New Age of Structure – Now Leadership Series

"Every failure is a blessing in mystery, even though teachers sometimes have to learn what one could not learn without. Most so-called failures are only temporary defeat."

Napoleon Hill

What is the new 21st century building? This is the question most managers need to think about. Head of expert Gray Kelly suggested that "… future plans must set" real time "to maximize capabilities and relationships."

Some suggest organizational changes that result from knowledge workers until age. Handy, author The Age of Paradox claims that intellectual property rights will be the most valuable product because it has the ability to acquire and apply knowledge of the construction of wealth. Dive deeper.

Here's the paradox: Today's managers want more control over processes and decision making, but knowledgeers want more independence to make decisions as a data society. Tomorrow's environment is dependent on joining the labor force. Hoyle, the author of Leadership and Futuring proposed a new model of leaders accompanying employees.

Further, Morgan, the author of Imagination suggested that prosecuting agencies utilize innovation and imagination to inspire new thinking in their processes while crossing traditional writing boxes. For the most part, the organization today has a "reconstruction" structure. If organizations want to be competitive in the future, this mindset will change. Only time will determine whether this transformation will happen.


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