On motivation for practice

A new trend consists of making people believe that they should live happily with their bodies, no matter what image of the mirror itself reflects the morning after the morning. Sometimes many people say that they are wearing such a fashion because they lack the motivation to start riding a healthy horse.

What are basically the underlying reasons? First, the lack of immediate success. Secondly, it is difficult for the project, at least physically speaking. The last (but not least), the sick unbelief of the casting results.

I disagree that I could not run for more than ten minutes and my whole body was completely underdeveloped when I decided to start an exercise sometime. I started lightly but kept the training on a regular and serious basis (only jogging for the first few months, because it is without the correct ECG, nothing can be achieved). The results came very quickly and I could thank them with the help of my chronometer. Monthly by month I was growing persevering and faster than I used to be before. In fact, my feet became stronger.

When I felt my heart became sensitive enough, I decided to take up my training in light training (with "light" you will read 45 minutes and 3 or 4 times a week, to run I use to train an average of 30 minutes in session). Combined with the appropriate diet (no dragon or extreme, but contrary to popular beliefs, you must focus on eating a lot when you start pushing weights), I grow soon, stronger and muscular within a few months. Significant results begin to appear clearly after 6 months).

From today I'm in very good shape and the exercise has become addiction. Similarly, money brings more money, goold shape calls for a better form. However, it's good to remember that the keys to success are regular and serious: if you can talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend while jogging, you're probably not jogging well enough. If you can not go for more than 20 minutes, you're jumping back too fast. If your records start falling for a while, you need to return to a healthier lifestyle and train more. No one pain no results.


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