Perseverance and motivation

Perseverance is defined as "doggedness: persistent determination!"

These are pretty strong terms. "Doggedness" tends to paint a picture of the big German Shepherd dog who enjoys and protects his bones. Just listen to him … chew, chomp, chew, chomp. He is determined to quit and it sounds like he is really happy because he is still going strong after an hour. It is endurance! By the way, never get between dogs and his bones! 🙂

Outstanding dreams depend on the same particular perseverance. Perseverance is an attractive part that leaves medium workers from those who are very successful and in society. Imagine combining perseverance with passionate motivation, when you work towards the goal. This combination will be a safe-fire winner who requires nothing less than those over-the-top performance. Remember the dog and his bones? Well, do not always get between motivated, meaningful learning and success.

Sports teams are a good example of perseverance. The score is 7 to 2 for the visit. The losing local rallies around the coach at a pause. The most important task of the coach is to encourage his players to an enthusiastic attitude of perseverance. Emphasize what was good in the first part of the game and continue in that direction with a renewed passion for winning.

If the local was questioned about their feelings, it can not be said that they could say they were thoughtless, unable, unable, conquered, and even wanted to quit. Stop, because losing seemed inevitable and they only focused on a negative. Providing these temporary feelings is NOT a recipe for success. Successful people NEVER give up on these sudden feelings.

Defeat and negative feelings never end long. They are turned off as the focus changes from negative to positive. It takes effort to change strength from negative mistakes and mistakes and only take advantage of successful goals and be a successful winner.

Back to the sports team. The key to their success is perseverance. They did not give up even when they felt it. They went out with a new positive attitude and played even better in the last part of the game and did it for the first time. They reached their goal and finished the game by 17 to 12. The reason for their success? Persevere and concentrate on the positive!

This same perseverance is the key to successful entrepreneurs relying on. After all, that's how they came where they are now.

Growing Perseverance in 4 Simple Steps

1. Be sure to continue, though our family / colleagues have already stopped.

Often we almost get "protected" from what they see as mistakes. They do everything in their power to deter us and constantly tell us that it is an impossible task.

If we choose to realize that we want to accomplish our dreams, we need to make some decisions that produce the results we want. The first step is to restrict communication to the prosperous but negative effects of short-sighted people around us until the goal is over.

Keep companies with only those who encourage and present our cause. These people increase our value in our lives and share our vision. Positive effects are important when working with perseverance to succeed dreams are made.

2. Always pay attention to the final results of winning – never in a situation where you can get there.

It's very easy to continue looking for a failure and continue there. The more time we focus on failure, the bigger it starts to look. Soon it will be so much overrated and threatening. When this happens, weakness syndrome enters and causes us to stop just quitting.

It takes as much energy to see the positive side as it is negative. Energy should be used wisely and focus only on positive, but negatively afterwards. Put a signal on the negatives and call them "obstacles." The sole purpose of the obstacle is to provide another opportunity to repeat an imperfect process with some changes. Then focus on what went right and keep on developing. Repeat these steps until the process is successful.

3. Keep track of what works. Learn from others and do not renew the bike.

While working towards this ultimate goal, notice what works at the end of each project. Refresh the process on this list of "what works" repeatedly.

When looking for a new issue, learn from what others did. Follow their example and enter personal changes to fix the process. If it works, great! Watch it. If it does not meet the correct specifications, edit what needs to be corrected and try again. Persevere! Do not stop! Do not see it as a failure, just as an obstacle that gives another opportunity to repeat the process.

4. Keep encouragement at all positive high levels.

Shaping needs to be our 24/7 partner to succeed we really want.

View the following image:

Motivation is a gasoline that drives the car. Perseverance is a cruise ship that accommodates acceptable speed. Negative withdrawal is a flat tire or speeding. Success has come to the desired destination.

What is the most important part of this photo? Look at the list again and rearrange them with # 1 most importantly, and # 4 is the least important.

1. Petrol (incentive)?
2. Crucifixion (perseverance)?
3. Flat tire / slip (negative relapse)?
4. Establishing a Destination (Success)?

The order we choose is very evident in how we succeed:

If motivation is most important, our focus is on being focused and positive.

If perseverance is the most important, our focus is never to stop even if the process is flawed. Continue by changing some parameters and try again.

If success is most important, our focus is on getting there and not allowing anyone to stop being successful.

If negative shock is the most important, our performance is at risk of consequences by slighting small negative events. Success, more than likely, will not be achieved.

We need to learn a lesson from the dog and his bones. Perseverance: "doggy: persistent decision!"


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