Powerful motivation – How to discover a great deal of what

Why big why?

Do you know "Big Why" in your life? Your Big Why is the most powerful reason for taking certain actions every day that will drive you and pull you towards your big goals and dreams in life. Your Big Why is your ultimate source of strong motivation. Without you, you will probably not succeed and dream. Personally Discovering Your Big Why can be one of the most important thing you'll ever do in your life. If you do not know exactly how to detect it, you can learn exactly how to discover a big of what – the magnet that causes the power to succeed and attract what you want.

Possible speakers fail:

As you know, there are many wonderful and inspired speakers, often referred to as "callers". They can be dynamic; They may be informative; They can be inspired. However, it should not be called "motivation". If they are motivating in any way, it would make you decide and start a way to either start working on your mentality and personal development daily, or start a new business and work on it every day.

If you're expecting a so-called "motivator" to really motivate you to succeed, it will not happen. When your desperation and dazzling motivation event goes away, you will be left with the old course. You must be alone again without an encouraging speaker to force you through work and hard times.

Real, true, persistent motivation can only come from within. You must have strong incentives that will help you overcome obstacles on your way to success. The power must be within you. You can not instill or impose on others. It just will not work.

Do you succeed:

Big Why is your magnetism? It's the secret of your private power source. If Why is Big enough, it will be something that is so powerful that nothing can hold you back. Your Big Why Will Intent Attract What You Want In Your Life And It Will Start What You Do not Want.

To find Big Why just follow this fun step-by-step procedure:

1. Take a sheet and write exactly what encourages you. Do not over think it; just write what's in the head. List between 15 and 30 of them. They could be anything: you want to make $ 20,000 more money this year, you want to help others in your community, you want to buy a house, you want to travel to Australia, you want to take care of your family, you want to pay for college for someone , you want a better lifestyle than you have now, you want to be number one in your business, you want to earn £ 2m next year or something that comes to mind. Be very specific to your answers. For example, exactly what good lifestyle do you want or what people do you help?

2. Take the list and rank in a row from 1 to 10 top ten of your motivations. Ask yourself: "What do I want most in my life?"

3. Look at the list and narrow it down to your three motivators.

4. Look at the top three and decide which one is most important to you now. [19659005] 5. Ask yourself: "Why? Is this so important to me? What will it lead me? What will it give me? "Think well and write down at least ten reasons why this is so important to you. Once done, think about five reasons.

6. Ask yourself:" How will I feel when I have it? " ? "Write a few paragraphs about how you will feel and how your life will be brighter when you have it. Show it. Feel it.

7. Now, think about yourself and exactly what makes you feel good. What personality Attributes Are You Competitive? Are You Competitive? Are You Competitive? Do you want to be number one? Is it proud? Is it competitive? Does it mean? Is pursuit of excellence? Does it enjoy life? Is there a desire for To help others? Is it a fame? Is it a desire to be rich? Is it money and what can that money buy you or do for you or do for others in your life? Does it do something for your partner or family? Think: Is it very proud, opinion, money, fame, give, receive, enjoy, or something else that really encourages you? Write down your number one drive. [19659005] 8. Now look at your number one motivator and number one of your drives. Are they congruent? Are they similar? For example, are they both concerned about making money? Or are they both helping others? Or are you both rising to the top? If they are not congruent, go back to the start and look at everything again. Make sure they are in line. Make sure your drive complies with the main goal and they are consistent.

9. Discover true deep feelings about your life and what you really want in it. How will you feel when you've achieved your big dreams? Is it what will really make you happy? Make sure the top motivator you selected matches your feelings and personality features that drive you. Think about what makes you feel good. Make sure this feeling is what you will get when you're driven to achieve the goal you want. Make sure that what drives you, what your big goal or dream is and how you'll feel after you've achieved your big goals or big dreams are all three in line. If they are happy, then it's your Big Why. Your Personal Dreams + Your Personal Driving + Your Personal Feelings = Big Why

Example of Big Why:

An example of a personal Big Why statement would be: "I really want to do the necessary actions daily to build my home that it will earn more than $ 100,000 in the next 12 months so I can buy a new black BMW 645i convertible with indoor indoors, put $ 12,000 on a secure investment account towards my financial security and so I can provide $ 5,000 worth of food to help feed hungry children in haiti i will help to feed many hungry children and i will feel like i make a real difference in the lives of many needy children. see it now This will encourage me to work on my business daily and do something to build it daily and make much more money every month. I'm so happy. I'm so excited. I'm so passionate about my efforts. [19659003] Take action:

So, go ahead, become powerful magnetized. Discov is your Big Why. Then read it for yourself and show that you have it daily. That's what will empower you to succeed. That's what will strengthen you to attract what you want. Take action. Clearly explain your Big Why. Do it now. Go ahead and attract what you want. You deserve it.


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