Presidents – Is it right and wrong?

As a leader, you will face a variety of different challenges. There are many different thinking ideas when it comes to leadership styles. The concepts democratic, autocratic, participation and intensity are just a few of the styles cited.

The big question I'm often asked about is whether the right or wrong leaderboard is. From my own experience as a leader and working with hundreds of customers, what is clear is:

1. It's never going to be a leadership that you're going to be able to apply in every situation.

2. We all, like it or not, have some bias with one way of leadership as our default default

3. In reality, any situation or situation will likely lead you to use a combination of leadership styles

In times of emergencies or crises, much more direct, telling or amazing styles will be much more important. There is no time for intensive discussion, action is needed.

On the other hand, in times when you have a highly qualified and experienced team, a strength style, informing you of the outlet you are looking for and giving them the opportunity to figure out how likely it is to be appropriate .

When deciding your leadership or combination of styles, consider the following:

1. What kind of situation or problem are you dealing with?

2. How much is it that you are leading?

3. How important is the matter?

4. What is the long-term effect of adopting one style over another?

Bottom Line – There is really no style leadership that will ever work. As a leader, you need to be prepared to make choices based on what you think is best at a certain point in each particular situation.


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