Productivity and motivation

Motivation and productivity are two related terms, the former fuel of the former and the latter is the final conclusion of the latter.

Productivity is a measure of performance to show how successful an organization can turn its resources into products (or services) intended.


Productivity is known as a relative range of measurements, as it is used to compare the performance of many different entities. These can be individuals, countries or organizations.

Productivity can show how successful an organization can transform input into output. Typically, it is expressed as a percentage of output / input in the production area.

What multidimensional measurements are

Productivity can be specified as a multidimensional measure, part of measures or overall measures.

Objective productivity is one input. (to calculate products (or services) produced by hour, plant or work, etc.).

Major productivity measures can show the use of multiple intakes (for example, output of total, energy, capital or production units in total work and content).

What productivity motivation is

Productivity motivation is associated with a way to stimulate a person is to perform activities or tasks. Structure plans for employees are based on the way to encourage employees to improve productivity.

Some organizations now offer their daily outdoor and sports, recreational and physical activities, and some family-related programs.

This method of increasing employee performance can take advantage of quality criteria such as value, quality laps, overall quality management (aka TMQ), performance and innovation standards (delivery of time, profitability, customer satisfaction, and efficiency) bringing a diverse team and personal motivations and prizes.

General Knowledge of Mutual Reimbursement

Mutual Payroll Technology (MRT) is known as a highly motivated program to help employees of companies or companies achieve their goals. This is accomplished by meeting the company's production goals.

The greatest prize is obtained when profits are optimal for all. Typically, productivity is proportional to the success rate of MRT.

How to Calculate Growth Productivity

Growth productivity is known as a measure of the amount of services and products produced within a certain period of time. First, it is necessary to determine the standard. Next, the position (or criterion) can be counteracted by the fact that most of the products in the future will be measured against.

Annual growth in land is followed. Growth productivity can be proportional to the nation. If productivity increases, so the purchasing power of people also increases. The total economy can benefit from an increase in revenue.

Most valuable resource

Many scientists productivity agree that people are the most valuable of all world resources. It has been suggested that training and education are responsible for increasing productivity of individuals.

Researchers also point out that knowledge can be gained through training and education by developing those who want to work and learn and constantly improve their potential.


As employees are motivated to be proud of who and what they are working for, these employees can add remarkable value to the company or agency. They can contribute to productivity, their business or organization and the economy in general.


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