Quality Management: Eternal search for clarity

In our endless battle, to seek the best quality management, we often feel frustrated by the clouds and / or unpredictable policies, many seeking and gaining leadership leadership! Often because a political process that rewards those who encourage their voters, what they want to hear rather than often less popular truth ends many organizations, with qualified or incompetent elected leaders! However, after four decades of defining, qualifying, training, developing and consulting thousands of actual and / or potential leaders, I've come to realize that anyone who wants to be a true leader, do all he can , presenting cost-effective solutions and plans, introducing them effectively, encouraging stakeholders to get more in mind and doing it in ways that emphasize truth, reality and CLARITY!

1. Features Work Clearly: Amateur should take seriously their responsibility to choose their leaders based on their ability to do what they need, rather than because of popularity , rhetoric and / or empty promise! Look for leaders with character, property, talent, fitness, positive attitude and nature to do what's needed! Their activity will be about the choices they make and how well they feel need, concern and priorities! A major leader must choose cooperation, disagree and have to formulate a clear, well-developed, appropriate action plan!

2. Listen; learn; leadership: Avoid Closed Thought! Look for leaders who really want to listen, learn from every experience and gain expertise, but get the good judgment needed for successful leadership!

3. Quotation; attitude; actions: Will anyone check information, needs, concerns and priorities and plan preparedness for potential consequences? Does he have a good, positive attitude, or does he consider all the problems? Will his actions demonstrate his attitude, focusing on clarity, wisdom and compassion?

4. Relevant; responsible; Responsible: The leader is not about watching or being busy! Instead, focus on what is appropriate and necessary, behave responsibly, and formulate action plans that are responsive, responsible, and welcome! Ideology ideas; Ideology: You must demonstrate and show its immorality for a long time, to gain confidence, but to admit, only one falls down could lose faith forever! How will you get others to believe in, buy into, and accept your ideas, as they own? Are you prepared to appreciate the essence of your ideology by making sure it is in accordance with the heritage, mission and vision of the organization?

6. Duration; timely; Trust: The sooner you can clearly explain your central message, the better chance to succeed and succeed! Big leaders are often diagnosed by the timing of their messages and ideas wherever they took a favored, temporary action and if they could gain the trust of those they serve!

7. You: In the final analysis, whether you continue with the required commitment on clarity, etc., Behind You! As adage goes, it's up to you.

It often seems that the pursuit of quality management is eternal! Test your success and efforts continue by focusing on CLARITY!


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