Self-assessment is the best motivation


Today is 05 November. 2006 and people in this part of the world celebrate "Guruparav" … "Birthday Guru Nanak Dev". I sit here thinking that it's the basis of our lives? What is the very purpose of our lives? What allows us to wake up early in the morning and speed up work or college or school? What is what allows us to continue? Is living – constraint? Just because everyone is alive … I will also live.

What encourages you?

1. Power

2. Position

3. Money

4. Valuable goods and property

5. Growth

6. Acceptance and respect

7. Gratitude, Prize and Prize

These are our most enthusiasts, right? (Can you register a few more?). These are sufficiently good impulses to keep us running for life … to keep us charged. These are the factors that hold some "loyalty like a dog"; "Work like donkey" and "keep jumping like a monkey".

Some simple (traditional) motivational machines …

Let me discuss some "Orthodox" enthusiasts, who also work, are several.

1) Warranty: You might have seen some movies … could also see in your own family when a guy is responsible, spending too much time … parents usually say, "Iski Shaadi kar jimmeyvari aayegi to khud samajhdaar ho jaayega "(Get him married. When he gets responsible, he becomes responsible too). Do not you think "enforced responsibility" also encourages people? Then he knows that now he is not alone … he has to work for his wife, for his family and then for his future. In India, (people say it) things do not work until and unless they are enforced or until and unless it is compulsorily.

2) Looking out for the sight:

A. You can always see one side of the coin … you definitely want to see the other side.

B. You can see a great mountain … you always want to see … what's there on the other side.

C. You are in the ocean … wherever you see water, water and only water … you want to know where is the end.

It's called "Encouragement to Know More" … an incentive to know more than what you already know.

3) The Power of Dreams: This is seeing invisible. See what no one has seen. Having a dream is an incentive, but that's not enough. Passion to make this dream come true is a bigger motivation.

A. If you have a dream …

B. If you have a passion …

C. If you are not afraid to fail …

D. If you're not worried about the outcome …

E. If you are interested in continuing, despite problems …

… nobody is more interested in what you are. You do not need external motivation. You will always be charged and ready to leave.

Learning from life

More than the above … if you look around, you would find that there are so many small and small facts of life; thoughts and experiences around us, big enough to keep us, encourage all the time. Look at the following:

1) Many parents kill "unborn children" (Feticide) … either by chance or by choice. There may be miscarriage or abortion or other accidents. We are fortunate that our parents let us see this "lovely" world.

2) Many are unlucky. They are disabled. They can not see, can not listen, can not speak, they have no limbs … they suffer from fatal diseases. We are health. Is not it a good thought to keep us more motivated?

3) These are the poor families. They do not earn enough to eat three times a day. We are doing good enough to eat three times a day … it's also healthy and quality food.

4) People have two sets of dresses (People in some parts of the world … have nothing to wear). They wash one and wear one another. We have so many in our wardrobe.

5) Many are not lucky enough to get a good education … either there are no facilities or they just can not afford it. We are educated enough to make our decisions and decide what is good or bad for us.

6) Those who are educated, not all are employed. We are not only employed but good enough to take care of ourselves, our family and follow our dreams.

7) Does not matter if it's summer, winter or rainy season … some people are only in charge of nature. They do not have a house. They do not have the place to be. We have houses … that we all call "Home at Home".

8) Everyday there are so many accidents, natural disasters (cyclone, floods, earthquakes, etc.) that kill thousands of people. We are lucky we live today and have family and relatives.

It's not good enough for you to keep you motivated and find content and content.


Life will be miserable … it will be hell if you start

1. Finding a bug is another

2. To avenge

3. Reflective Negative

4. Complain

5. Harming others

But life will be heaven, if

1. You begin to count your blessings

2. You begin to think that there are more who love you and less people who hate you

3. You start thinking positively about yourself and your life.

Before I sign up, I like to share this quote, which I found while scanning over the internet, which actually compares the theme of the entire article.

Today I feel sad that I have no more money or I can be happy that my finances encourage me to organize my purchase wisely and lead me away from waste.

Today I'm sorry for my health or I can celebrate my life. 19659002] Today I can cheer over everything that my parents did not give me when I was growing up or I appreciated that they allowed me to be born.

Today I can make my lack of friends or I'm excited to discover new relationships.

Today I can feel that I have to go to work or I can shout because I have work to do.

Today I can complain because I have to go to school or open my mind and fill it with rich new tooths of knowledge.

Today I can dejectedly murmur because I have to do housework or I can count on calling home.

My life expands on me and waits to be shaped.

It will be nice to receive your comments and comments.

With a lot of love and caring,


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