Self-determination – a surprise is part of our lives


Self-assessment is very important in our daily lives because we do not know what a surprise comes and anytime.

We must encourage ourselves to ensure that the accident is handled appropriately and we should never surrender. Even though surprisingly common to all, everyone lives and encourages them to cope with their surprise and take it.

We must encourage ourselves to ensure that we are able to surprise you effectively and effectively. We try through our article, sharing ancient ideas and methods to go through this journey of unexpected travel.

Here we have to understand that some of the important surprises and technology for self-determination in dealing with a surprise.


1) Financial Surprise: Generally, the companies or individuals will have a budget, unfortunately, the days can not go with the same budget. It may be a surprise to increase or decrease the budget. This interferes with the finances. For projects in the company, financial surprise can be corrected through appropriate agreements and credit management, and for individuals it can be corrected by independent technology.

2) Health Return: Health can come up anytime we can not expect. We should always maintain discipline in our eating habits, do daily exercise and drink appropriate water, which can prevent health by surprise.


Any surprises or any problems can be corrected by self-motivation techniques as stated below:

1) First, we should analyze a great deal by surprise or the case. We must comment on WHAT, HOW AND HOW. By answering these simple three words we can understand the reason for the surprise or the matter.

a. WHAT: What happened?

b. HOW: How did it happen? How did it go wrong?

c. Why: This happened? What are the corrections?

2) Second, consider and think of the solution by surprise or the matter. In this way we can get the solution and go on.

3) When we answer what, how and why, and for corrections, we should ponder by breathing deeply and focusing on the correction.

4) We must continue meditation until we find the solution. It depends on the surprises, sometimes we will find the solution 2-3 times and sometimes it may take days.

5) We should never give up and we should continue meditation until we get the solution, and we will definitely get the solution through any issues / surprises / problems.

6) After receiving a solution, we need to make a clear roadmap to resolve accidentally or the matter with a response plan.

7) Finally, we should always follow another 3-word, Plan, Check and Act, this 3-word rule can help to solve a surprise or issue.


1) In general, we face some problems in our daily activities, and we get panic or afraid of such problems.

2) If we follow the procedures as stated above without becoming panic or horrific, we can easily solve such problems by finding solutions and we can continue in our lives and succeed.

3) This article is to support the reader to deal with their problems / problems / accidentally appropriately without becoming panic or scared.

4) We ask you to share this article after reviewing as this can help your friends overcome their problems / problems / surprises.

5) Any opinions or opinions or statements made in this article are personal, which are in our knowledge / information and do not indicate professional advice.


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