Self-esteem – can fear be a positive motivation?

When you think about self-esteem, you think about the old "boot-band" strategy. You fill yourself with as many positive thoughts as you can and Cushion … make you mistaken! If you miss this, it may work .

Unfortunately, fear often fears your "ugly" head and stops you in your songs. But the truth is, fear can play a positive role and I will show you how.

Original Role of Fears and Why It's Old

Most respects and successors, past and present, concern us the terrible effects of fear in our lives. They tell us to overcome fear of failure, success, trouble, and the new or unknown.

They will point to the "original" need for the feeling of fear as an independent conservation system designed to save us from this big, bad bribe or saber-dandelion. Since this beginning, we have challenged ourselves to be afraid of nature. This fear then spends in many other threatening situations … like public speaking, asking for sales or introducing ourselves to important strangers.

Molding comes from many sources

The fact is that fear, some sort or other, is something most of us are dealing with. Why not positive? Who says that fear must be bad in any case? Frankly, fear still keeps us safe.

We are "afraid" driving on the wrong side of the road. We fear to walk too close to the edge of the cliff. We are afraid of toxic substances. These fears actually encourage us to make good decisions regarding our safety! Why can not we, possibly less practical fears, encourage us to make better decisions about the success and success of life?

I like to feel emotions that I feel and honor. This put me in a position to use it for positive consequences. Fear may fall into this category.

For success, fear does not work forever

What I believe philosophers and teachers try to tell us their fears about fear is not self-motivating. I agree with this. Fear can become a habit and can thus become a negative pattern that prevents us from adventures and unexpected adventures of life.

When life is committed by surprise it will be old. When there is no adventure, there is little real learning. We are not involved in life. Unrestrained fear addresses us.

Great start-up and operating system

I'd rather use fear as an operating system. Fear can make us recognize what we do not * want and cause to look at what we * do * want. And it can also catch our attention quickly!

The change does not happen without attention. Fear can help us realize that we do not want to be imprisoned, poor, left out of the crowd or lose work. This fear can prompt us to seek better costs! If the fear is intense, and if we allow ourselves to focus on laser focus on the appropriate goals, it can be very important.

Create a better mindset as fear fades

Fear can really encourage and strengthen us. If we can make use of fear as motivators, they can help us to learn our goals. And we will not automatically focus on the right things, our fear will lose its power. We will then build a positive mindset without fear.

So, do not fight your fears! Use them so creative that they ultimately simply go to more fertile ground elsewhere.

You can do it!


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